Five On Friday

Friday, July 31, 2015

Five On Friday

how is it july 31st already?
like tomorrow is august.
august means school starts.
which means BOTH of my kids will be in school.
which means i am getting old.  ayi.
whew - deep breath cassie.

we have had a BUSY week.
i am pretty sure i was about a day away from a nervous breakdown.
and then last night we had a completely chill night and ahhhh - all is right in the world again.
well minus this ear infection i think i am getting.
however - apple cider vinegar can fix everything, right?
on to the top five.

we had girls night at the muny on thursday.
we had tickets to see Beauty and the Beast.
we only made it to intermission (the girls got kinda bored) but the momma's loved it.

my cousin shared this on facebook about boys and it's SO true.
whew - henry and i have had a trying couple of weeks.
i am ready for this boy to be four.
i am pretty sure threes are WORSE than two.
can i get an amen?

sending out a happy birthday wish to my dad today!
he is currently celebrating in vegas.
i am currently praying he strikes it rich.  ha!

well this hasn't happened yet, but we are planning on going to a bridal show with lacie on sunday.
and i mean who doesn't love a good bridal show?!

it has been great swimming weather these last two days.
i am working from home today and it's about lunch time.
we are headed into the pool in just a few.

have a great weekend!!


Anonymous said...

Dying reading the boy comments.

They need to add no you cant just pee outside.

Nicole Hedden said...

Bridal shows are my favorite! FREE FOOD! haha

Chelsea said...

I love girls night!! How much fun

Shannon Snodgrass said...

I'm catching up on blogs today so I just caught your Friday post, but I can give you an AMEN sister because whoever said the twos were terrible is a damn lie! The 3's are way worse! So ready for 4!! I've questioned my sanity more in the past year than in my entire life, lol.

Cassie said...

right shannon!! SO HARD!!

Amanda aka Manda said...

Beauty and the Beast with K&L looked so fun!!