It's Almost That Time!!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

It's Almost That Time!!

someone sent out an e-mail at work this morning titled - get excited!!
and the note said, only 49 days until christmas!
my favorite e-mail so far today.  lol.
sooooo you know what that means - LESS that 49 days until the projects can start again.
i have been put on hold since jon has been in school and trust me - it's been SO HARD.
why does that word patience just take such a toll on me?!
SO many people ask what we have been working on and i have to reply with, nothing.
i am put on hold until jon's on christmas break from school.
WHICH - in all fairness.  is totally understandable.
jon is working his ass off, doing amazing in school (4.0), all while getting 5 - 6 hours of sleep a day.
to say i am proud of him is putting it lightly.
i am SO pumped, happy, excited, beyond amazed by ALL of his hard work.
however..... i think i have been VERY good and so now it's time.
project time!!
disclaimer - most of these are first seen ideas for jon.
ha - sorry babe!

#1 - the headboard.
so we found this huge awesome, basically piece of wood, on the side of the road.
ha - true story.
jon asked the guy if he had any use for it, he said no, so we loaded that baby up - for free!!
cleaned her up, stained her, hung her up and we LOVE it.
BUT this ledge - needs to happen.  oh man it's going to complete the room and look amazing.
and i can't wait.
just need jon to add this ledge and i will take care of the rest.
SO excited!!

#2 - vents.
have you priced these things?
JESUS!  i might as well ask for them for christmas - expensive!
but a few dollars on a can of spray paint - now that i can do!

#3 - kitchen table.
we have a table cloth on our kitchen table.
i saw a picture of our kitchen the other day and i am like jesus that table cloth does not match.
which made me want to get this makeover started even sooner.
but since i am working on patience - i will just oooo and ahhh over what i find on pinterest.
but i mean seriously - love it!

#4 - these little drawers.
why does pinterest make this job look SO easy?!?
fingers crossed it really isn't bad.
but i mean seriously - how handy would these be?!

#5 - new mirrors.
we are getting stella a new makeup vanity for her birthday.
however most of them do not come with a mirror.
SO i am thinking the one we currently have in our living room would be PERFECT for her new makeup vanity in her room.
which calls for a little switcher-roo.
i have always been OBSESSED with these mirrors i found on pinterest.
which are just the $5 mirrors from walmart or target.
and then the design is just drawn on.
LOVE it!

#6 - framed TV.
i just LOVE LOVE LOVE this look.

soooo - i have a LOT more - but i think these are doable for christmas break.
whatcha say babe?


Adrien said...

Well I sure hope he has enough time, because I love them all!

Amanda aka Manda said...

Love these ideas! I'm sure Jon will surprise you with something amazing!

The Pink Growl said...

LOVE the framed TV look too!