Five on Friday!

Friday, October 31, 2014

Five on Friday!


a little through the years to start off this post.
gosh i love these two.
it's going to be a little chilly tonight but i am excited to go out!!
we have had a busy week already with trick or treating.
ran to gma and gpas and tony and rachel's on tuesday.
they had a party at the sitter's thursday.
and stella had her school party today.
life has been pretty good for these two.

i have really been kicking it into gear this week with working out and i feel great.
someone even told me today it looks like i lost my handles.
ummm - well - thanks!
working on this for some strength training as well.
thanks to skinny meg!

this - this is so me.
and i crack up.
i had to run to the store to get my sister some wine for her birthday and i'm all like - are these even in English?  help.  i need wine 101.  lol.

starbucks has had $3 PSL for the last three days.
let's all just take a moment of silence and thank starbucks for this.

milk baths.
oh mah gawd.
i freaking love these.
my girl erin says to add some apple cider vinegar and some epsom salt as well.
oh my i nice bath is in my plans for the weekend!!

have a great weekend.
be safe out there tonight.
and treat yo self to a $3 PSL today and then a milk bath tonight!



Adrien said...

YES - epsom in the bath is a wonderful detox! Good to throw it in for the kiddos, too "just because" in the winter time.

Maybe we'll run into you guys tonight. :)

Amanda aka Manda said...

S&H are too cute!
I'm the same way about wine! Never can tell the difference between expensive or cheap so just give me the cheap stuff!
I may have to try one of those milk baths! My skin is SO dry right now!

Sarah said...

keep that workin out going girlfriend!

Milk baths? I have never heard of that?? Maybe I need to start! oooh that PSL, mmmmm!