Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, August 4, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

let's start this wrap up on thursday night.
it was my dad's cough 52 cough birthday.
i guess it's fair to say he's never been shy of his age.
so it's ok that i drop it on the blog.
we headed down to his old stomping grounds and met his birthday buddy.
we had pizza and beers and chocolate cake and homemade ice cream.
my kind of party!!
and of course i was that person who had kids, in a bar, on a thursday #noshame
S&H with papa.
stella insisted we bring pink balloons and left over barbie party hats from her barbie birthday.
and that we did.
we were home around 8:30 because jon had to go to work.
friday evening we headed to go camping with the hellers.
or according to stella, just camping with ms. lisa (her teacher, who is jon's cousin, make sense? good).
ha - anyways, the kids were pumped!
a downpour of rain about 30 minutes after we got there was no fun, but the huge pavilion right next to our camper didn't keep us from staying up and playing cards until 2 in the morning.
S&H were up early the next day and took their gator and four wheeler to take the trash out.
ha - this picture just cracks me up.
we spent saturday driving these babies around, swimming, napping and enjoying good company.
we also ventured out to the dam at rend lake for the morning.
the kids loved it!
sunday morning we packed up and headed home.
stella and jon enjoyed some much needed naps while henry took a little bit longer to crash.
maybeeee it was the gum i gave him #whoops
he finally crashed - for three hours.
while everyone was sleeping i cleaned house and did 3294208 loads of laundry.
not even kidding you.
and the meal prepped for the week.

have a great week!!



Amanda aka Manda said...

Happy Birthday to your Dad! Sounds like a great weekend! Love camping!

I'm seriously making those egg things for breakfast tomorrow! I bought the stuff at lunch. haha

Tina Steibel said...

That gator just keeps coming in hand..... Love it

Sarah said...

I literally LOL when I saw that "napping" picture on IG. That seems to happen a lot here too :)

Adrien said...

Great weekend! You guys are camping fools! :D Those are seriously great memories for your kiddos.

Anonymous said...

The kids in the bar sentence I read it like it was straight from sweet home Alabama :)

Love the gator picture too funny!