Weekend Wrap Up!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up!

hi!  happy monday!
this weather- oh my goodness makes me want to go pumpkin picking or something.
it's amazing today in stl and southern illinois.
we are spending a lot of time outside tonight for sure!!
on to the weekend....
friday night was the closing concert for stella's VBS.
seriously, we loved this VBS.
and i loved what it did to my child.  so thank you UCC church in red bud!
stella LOVED the concert part of it.
of course, because she LOVES to perform.
it's even better when your BFF is with you.
especially if your BFF will still claim you while you are standing there holding her hand and picking your nose.  of course, that's my girl!
after the concert they had a small picnic and bounce houses.
the kids were off to their dad's for the weekend, jon was off to work and i was off to meet erin and catch up on life and enjoy some margs.
i don't know what happened - but i didn't get up to workout on saturday morning.
i made my way to the shower, paid some bills, signed the kids up for soccer and took it slow the rest of the morning.  when jon woke up we headed to my aunt and uncle's house to raid their garden.
we got so much stuff!  love me a good garden.
once we got back home danielle and tate were at our house with ryken.
the dogs were EXCITED!!
ok, just lucy and ryken.  crabby abbie wants those dogs as far away as possible from her.  lol.
around five we headed down to the roche picnic to eat some of their amazing food and play bingo.
my dad and jon both won money playing - unfortunately no one left with a quilt.  bummer!
it was SO hot we decided to call it quits and headed back to red bud to go to a christmas in july party.
it was fun!
this is as christmas-ey as we get in july when it's 97 degrees outside.  lol.
sunday morning we enjoyed breakfast with danielle and tate and then cleaned house.
we headed to jon's parents house to change out and enjoy the pool
oh it felt SO good!!
S&H were back home around 6 and we spent most of the evening outside.
stella was making her brother haul a bunch of stuff for her that she "bought off facebook."
ha - girl loves her a good swap and sell juts like her momma.
we fnished with a small walk with the dogs, baths and bed.


Anonymous said...

haha she is definitely your daughter!! too funny

Amanda aka Manda said...

I hope you'd still claim me if I was picking my nose! Haha! Sounds like a good weekend overall!

Jackie said...

Ha...that picture is priceless!!! Love it!!!

Adrien said...

Ah, VBS concerts are the BEST. :) That's the stuff of childhood summer memories, haha. Glad you had a good weekend!

Alisa Marie said...

Christmas in July Party? That sounds like so much fun! My husband is OBSESSED with Christmas, I might have to suggest that we do this next year. He is ALREADY talking about christmas this year, he is like a little kid, but I love it!