Weekend Wrap Up

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

man i am getting really good at this late posting business.
so sorry!
so a quick recap.
friday night we headed up to the catholic church picnic.
man were we disappointed.
four games.
no rides.
no music.
i am really going back and forth on sending my kids to the catholic school but seeing how small the picnic is getting just breaks my heart!
S&H met up with their friends there and it was like we didn't exist.  lol.
they had a great time just playing in the dirt and rocks
and we enjoyed some good company too.
when we got home the neighbors came and some friends came over for a bonfire.
we broke out the glow stick glasses.
and my kids told me i'm not cool.
sad, sad day.
saturday morning stella was up at 6 a.m.
which was ok because it was the last saturday of the 10,000 stair challenge.
so stella joined us.
she thought it was boring.  lol.
10,000 steps in five saturdays for a great cause.
it was awesome.  and WAY more of a challenge than what i thought!
later that day i joined some STSers at the winery for a quick drink before they headed out on their winery trip.  when we got home we packed up to head to jon's parents house for his gma and gpa's surprise birthday party.  and it was a surprise.  they had no idea!!
sunday morning i was off to work at ck.
S&H went to hang out with lacie and nana at lacie's house and make pickles.
from what i heard stella napped and henry played.  not sure how much help they really were.  lol.
while everyone was out of the house jon demoed the bathroom.
like a boss.
no bathtub for an entire week!!
pray for us!
last night we camo-ed up and headed to my dad's house to check on the kitties and check out the new shed he is building for S&H.  post coming on that soon!
little cuties!
and of course stella tells her brother to put his hands on his hips.  lol.
sts wearing off on her!

stay tuned, fingers crossed we have a cute little bathroom to show you soon!
and a new shed/clubhouse for S&H.
always something going on at our house!


The Pink Growl said...

I absolutely loved their little country pics!!! They are the cutest little babies ever, Cass! 10,000 steps WOW so proud of you!

Amanda aka Manda said...

Sounds like a FULL weekend! Can't wait to see the finished bathroom! S&H are too cute in those last pictures!