Friday Wrap Up

Friday, July 11, 2014

Friday Wrap Up

well hey there!
so, let's get straight to business and catch up.
from over a WEEK ago.  yikes!
so - the day before the fourth henry got himself a buzz cut.
and i LOVE it.
this little sweat ball looks SO grown up.
we spent the majority of our fourth of july weekend at jon's parents house.
they have a huge bash all weekend long and it's always a good time.
sunday we packed up and headed out for a mini get away to Holiday World.
the short three and a half hour trip seemed like it took a little longer this time.
maybe because henry got car sick and puked THREE times.  no fun!
but by time we got there everyone was ALL smiles!
and ready to let loose!!
we headed to the camp store right away to get ourselves some new shirts!
we stay at Lake Rudolph, hence the shirts.
and we got there on the perfect night.
there was a golf car parade that night.  holla!
yes, that's SEVEN people on a golf cart.  lol.
the next morning we headed straight to holiday world for the day.
we have such a great group that we go with.
from the moms to the kids.  everyone is just awesome.
S&H were tall enough to ride almost all of the waterslides.
which was great - they LOVED it and i totally felt like a kid myself.
when we got back to the campground that evening it got a little chilly.
of course, we rode the golf cart around that night.
and i had to embarrass my kid a little bit.  ha.
that's what moms are for, right?
the next day we decided to stay at the campground for the day.
which was perfect because they just added five new waterslides and they were awesome!
henry enjoyed some pool time with the big kids and stella and i went to do the waterslide.
next year hopefully he can join us!
there was another golf cart parade that night - that henry fell asleep during.
literally like five minutes after this picture was taken he was zonked out.
ha - mommy looks a little tired herself......
wednesday morning was leaving day.
it was also rudolph day!  S&H's favorite day.
since we went with kim who own's country kitchen, she whipped up this awesome rudolph pancake.
how awesome!  S&H were pumped to give it to him, and he loved it!
we packed up and headed out around 10:30 and after a few stops and getting some lunch, we made it home around 2:30 to find the BEST surprise.
jon finished painting the steps while we were gone.
i am IN LOVE!!
bathroom remodel starts on monday!
exciting stuff happening in our house!

have a great weekend!!



Adrien said...

That looks like such a fun time!! Glad you got to spend that special time with your babies. :) The stairs look great!

Amanda aka Manda said...

I hate that you were SO close to me and I didn't get to come and hang out! Looks like you had a blast though. LOVING the stairs too!

Myssie@PendletonMarket said...

We haven't been to Holiday World since we lived in Indiana (when Caroline was a baby)! I would love to take the kids back, it looks like fun!! And the good!!