Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, June 9, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

my weekend consisted of toilets, a ton of rain and home improvement stores.
yes i know, be so jealous of my life.  lol.
friday night i worked at the store, once i got home jon and i had intentions of just running to home depot and grabbing some dinner.
4 a.m. later we were still up partying with the odoms.
how in the world does that happen?
we had a blast though!
that 8 a.m. alarm came SUPER early!!  it was painful.
but we were up, showers and ready to head to katie's baby shower!
ahhhh - i just LOVE her little baby bump.
and i can't wait to get ahold of that little baby and love on him.
on my way to katie's i drove through a crazy storm.
i am one of those people who refuse to pull over when it's raining so hard you can't see the road.
i would rather drive, even if it's 20 m.p.h. on the highway.
and that i did.
but i made it there safe and sound.  PTL.
after her shower i made an appointment at the apple store to get jon's phone fixed.
i had an appointment at 2:30, got there at 2:37, thanks to the RAIN, and they only hold the appointment for FIVE minutes.  therefore my name got put on the walk in list and i had to wait another 45 minutes.  i walked in the store at 2:37, walked out at 4:05.  yikes!
after that i headed home and we enjoyed dinner with jon's family and played cards the rest of the evening.
all while a tornado was going through town - CRAZY!
but nothing was damaged, pretty wild though.
sunday morning we slept in a bit, enjoyed breakfast at ck and then i cleaned house while jon helped his parents.  after he was back we headed out to menards.
ummmm - you been there?
LORD - amazing!  and yes, more toilets shopping.  lol.
but we did find a new bathtub and surround.
after some shopping we met jon's parents for dinner and then headed home to pick up S&H!
we finished off the rest of the night by tearing out the rest of the carpet on the steps.
of course, just earlier that day i did an updated house tour video.  ha.
looks like we have some updating to do already!
so fingers crossed we get these babies sanded and painted in the same week!

and yes you read that right, updated house tour video tomorrow!  YAY!


Amanda aka Manda said...

Sounds like one fun but crazy weekend! Can't wait to see the house tour and the new steps!

Sarah said...

EEEEEEK I am excited about a home video!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Except for stopping that time on the way home from Kristen's when the rain/hail was SO loud and you kept trying to turn down the radio bc you thought that was the issue when you couldn't hear me talking hahah
scary times/good times!!

Thank you for coming through the storms to get to my baby shower! :)