Five on Friday!

Friday, June 6, 2014

Five on Friday!

happy friday!!
hoping this one is painless.
a two hour meeting before lunch, and a two hour meeting after lunch, then calling it a day!
i can handle that.
now on to the top five of the week.

we had a day at home this week with a sick henry.
i hate when my kids are sick, but the love and compassion that my dogs have for my kid when they are sick, just warms my hearts.  these dogs may drive me crazy sometimes, but i couldn't ask for better dogs!

this little fishy is LOVING water and swimming.
we tried swimming the other day but it was a little cold and we could smell the rain coming.
didn't stop her.  she jumped in for about ten minutes and soaked up the swimming.

now that i am on the jobsite every day, i have to make sure to wear my high vis.  i am LOVING this new STS shirt.  takes the place of that not very fashionable safety vest i have to wear.

farm life.
we headed down to gma and gpa's the other night.
gma had to show stella all her baby kitties.
stella just LOVES it!

my daily fix for the day is the daily sudoku puzzle that comes in the paper.
we had a change in staff a couple months back and i was no longer getting the newspaper.
i dropped a little hint to a co-worker the other day and look what showed up on my desk this morning.
it may be a 5 star really hard puzzle, but it's a puzzle!  holla!

have a great weekend!!



Anonymous said...

Henry & Abbie :) SO sweet!!
Stella cracks me up. Look at that face. That is one excited swimmer. haha

Adrien said...

Haha, I love sudoku!

Aww, Henry. He looks so cute with your pup! Reagan loooves dogs, and I just know as soon as we live someplace that we can have a pet that we'll be getting him a little buddy. :)

The Pink Growl said...

your boobs look huge in that neon're welcome :) happy weekend!

Amanda aka Manda said...

I love how sweet Abby and Lucy are with S&H, especially when they are sick! And I'm with S....more swimming time, the better!