Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, June 23, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

hi - remember me.
the girl who didn't mean to take a week off from blogging.
but i did.
it's bad when jon texts me and says, when are you going to blog again, i need to know what's going on in our life.  ayi.
even my mom knows when something is up and i'm not blogging.  she calls.  lol.
so - with much request, i am BACK!
on to the weekend wrap up.
things have been pretty low key for us.
nothing wild and crazy - shocked, right?  kidding.
but we will take it!
days like this - hanging out and watching some netflix.
ok, really this only happens until like 9 and then they are begging me to put on our swimsuits and get outside.
don't have to tell me twice.
we have done our fair share of kiddie pool swimming at home and big kid swimming at jon's parents.
we also took a trip to the apple store to get jon's phone fixed.
these two boys were hooked!
and on our way back home we had to stop at lacie and phil's and check out their adorable new puppy.
meet payton!
she's so so so sweet!!
and this past weekend S&H were in their uncle dane's wedding.
i mean - how adorable are they!!
stella wasn't actually in the wedding, but tell her she gets to get her hair done and wear a pretty dress and just BE at a wedding, she's hooked!
she is obsessed with weddings.  like obsessed.
it's adorable!
so that's about it for us.
hanging out, swimming, loving weddings.  lol.
have a great week!


nazzar saputra said...

so cute :)


Erin @ Happily Obsessed said...

Ummm I have blogged for like 3 weeks! Whoops!!! Umm I died over that pic of H&S!!! So much that I am now on the look out for an outfit like that for Mav's 1st bday pics, yes I said 1st, I'm cray! :)

Tina Steibel said...


Love Mom

Myssie@PendletonMarket said...

Henry and Stella were adorable at the wedding! Oh, and William carried a sign that said "here comes Aunt Marty"...so, so cute. ;)

Adrien said...

Sometimes blogging just takes a little trip to the back burner. :)

Love that picture of Stella and Henry! And I think I need your couch. That looks so comfy!

Amanda aka Manda said...

I think everyone's blogging has been quite spuratic lately. I love that picture of S&H from the wedding though. SO cute!!