LOL Wednesday

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

LOL Wednesday

i need some funnies in my life today - so i turned to pinterest.
and then this happened.

i mean seriously - it's exactly like that!
still tired, cold, not really hungry, but felt like you had to get up.
too funny.

i can picture it now!

i know i am not alone when i have put toilet paper on the back of the toilet
never pictured this image though.

this was me about ten minutes into pinterest funnies.

you are welcome!


Lindsey @ Life on Countryside said...

haha love all of these! i am in a meeting and was laughing inside very hard - though i probably had a huge smirk on my face the whole time!

Beth said...

The nap one? Um, yes. All. the. time. :)

The Pink Growl said...

I love that last one! I think I've posted it on IG before because it's SO ME!

Amanda aka Manda said...

The dog one is total me!