Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, May 5, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

oh my goodness - a blog post.
there is a god!
bare with me, this is gona be a long one.  lol.
so last week, well, we went to the zoo on sunday.
oh man it was PERFECT
this pictures makes me laugh - and i love it!
my mom gets me a zoo card for christmas.  and it's the best deal ever.
like seriously - get one.
free parking.  discounts on food.  free kids zoo.  free shows.  amazing.  thanks again mom.
look at this guy being brave and everything.  he loved the goats!
we got to pet the stingrays.  it was SO cool.  they are crazy soft and they were loving us.  seriously, like they were all swarmed around us!
i think the STL zoo has the best elephants!
of course since we were in the area we HAD to get some ted drewes.
henry swooped nana's ice cream and laid claim to it right away.  lol.
and thank the lord for this awesome sunday because the rest of my week was HARD.
like stressed to the max.
crying.  pimples.  everything.
work is really taking a toll on me lately.
friday i had to put my foot down and took a much needed personal day.
S&H slept in, we had breakfast at ck (of course), ran errands, went to target, played outside and just enjoyed being together and being happy.  sometimes you just need those days!!
late friday evening the kids went to their dad's for the weekend.
i worked at the store and then jon and i met kendra and randy for dinner at Who Dat's in Columbia.
it's Cajun style food - it was pretty good!
and then i sold some insurance.  lol.  kidding - but i totally feel like i look like an insurance lady in this picture.
we stayed out until THREE in the morning.
yeah - insane.  but we had a blast!
saturday morning i was up to work at the store.
once we closed, we headed up to check out lacie's house and help clean and paint.
it was a nice relaxing evening.
it pays to suck at painting - because then you get tasked with vacuuming and cleaning.  hey i will take that any day over painting!!
sunday we slept in and it was amazing!
late morning we headed to jon's niece's first communion.
we got back in town to clean house and mow grass and then S&H came back home!
we enjoyed bike riding and playing outside.
papa invited us to ice cream - which of course we said YES to.
i just had to share this picture of S&H.
they were wound up at dairy queen.  lol.
so now it's cinco de mayo - and a skinny girl marg is calling my name.
and so is a good week.  i am bound and determine to make it one!
which includes DAILY blog posts.  yep - you read that right.  lol.
have a great week!


Anonymous said...

I dont know the last time I blogged hahah whoops!

love the picture of Henry & your mom petting the goat. He looks so proud of himself. :)
hahaha cracked up at "then I sold some insurance." Its a cute blazer though!

I am AWFUL at painting also. I get more paint on everything around me than I do on the wall. Not on purpose, but hey I will take it when I'm told don't touch the paint brush :)

Amanda aka Manda said...

S&H are such cuties! I swear! they get it from their mama ;o)

Tina Steibel said...

I love the Ted Drewes picture. Cassie your body language says Damn I finally got some ice cream for myself, good luck Nana.

Kacie Jones said...

Bad weeks suck! Here's to a good week. I hope you have a great week and enjoy the weather. My weeks have been so busy with trying to wrap up the end of school (even tho we are here until May 30th...teachers June 2nd), finish up things for Kelsie's wedding and this week Sofia's t-ball games start...
Relax and enjoy :)