Tuesday, May 6, 2014


i promised to blog every day.
even if it's a little late.
haven't done a currently in awhile, so let's get to it.
listening to....
Country Fitness Pandora.
ha - MAYBE this will get me back on the fitness train?!
if anything the music is really good!!

pretty healthy.
i say this AFTER i just dominated some froyo.
at least it had strawberries and kiwi's on it?!

redd's apple ale.
yep - coors light HURTS my belly.
loving me some redd's lately.
damn gluten!

nothing but work stuff.
day in and day out.
at this point you'd think i'm sleeping with a set of construction plans.  ugh.

this too shall pass.
like i said work has been trying lately..
when you notice the bad environment at work starts affecting how you are in your day to day life.
ugh - something has to give.
this too shall pass....

to go swimming.
we broke out the kiddie pool last night.
it was cold but that didn't stop S&H for one second.
they LOVED it.

yep - we have been cable free for almost two months.
and i don't miss it at all.
anything good you would recommend us to watch?!


Mallory said...

I don't think Redd's is gluten free, I think it's an apple flavored ale/malt beverage(beer, essentially) but have you tried Angry Orchard Hard Cider? It's really good and gluten free!

Sarah said...

awwwww love pool time :)

netflix--- MAD MEN!!

Amanda aka Manda said...

I'm glad you love Redd's too. Have you tried the strawberry kind yet? I've heard it's quite yummy. I'm wanting to go swimming too. S&H are too cute hanging in the pool.

Anonymous said...

I'm in the same boat with work lately. Ughhh and add in pregnancy hormones...this girl have been on edge lately.
Hope things get better for ya at work!

Shannon Snodgrass said...

Hoping you get back to your happy place at work!

YAY for cable free!!! I seriously recommend House of Cards, a Netflix series. Totally addicting, beware :)
Side note: it's not kid friendly