Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, April 21, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

let's go ahead and give a PTL for the awesome easter day/weather yesterday.
so, the weekend....
friday i picked up S&H are noon and we headed to my work for an easter party.
they LOVE coming to work so everyone was pumped.
i think we get a picture by this butterfly everytime they are there.
and stella totally told her brother to put his on on his hip while taking this picture.  lol.
sts is wearing off on her.
ha - brother was focused on his eggs after the hunt.
sister - still flaunting her hand on her hip for a picture.
while we were all in STL we got word that our favorite limbaugh's were in st. louis too.
and at the magic house on top of that.
so we headed straight there after the party.
man - i just love that place and so do S&H.
everyone was ready for a nap by time we tried to take a group picture, so just this picture of doctor stella and doctor henry will have to do.  lol.
what do you know - hand on her hip again.  lol.
once we got home and enjoyed a super nice evening at home playing outside.
well, S&H played and played outside, i cleaned the house for easter breakfast.
like on my hands and knees cleaning.
it was intense.  but much needed.
man i seriously need a cleaning lady.  lol.
by time it got dark stella convinced jon to start a bonfire and we enjoyed the fire, late night bubbles and glow in the dark chalk.  it was perfect!
saturday morning - get this - S&H slept in until TEN!
i literally went upstairs and checked on them at 9:30 when i woke up.
ha - but everyone was good, just snoozing away.
we headed to the store for a little bit to see how kim was doing.
nana stopped by while we were there and S&H ended up heading to her house to help her plant flowers.
which was perfect timing because i needed to go home and play easter bunny.  lol.
i headed over to nana's house twice to get them but they just weren't ready to leave.
well, ok then, ran some more errands and jon cut grass.
it was quite the productive day!
before we knew it it was time to clean up and head to easter with jon's family.
we ate, hunted eggs and played outside.  it was perfect.
there was even an adult easter egg hunt that included scratchers and booze.  holla!
once we got home S&H got a second wind and i swear i spent an hour going through eggs and easter candy.
and we had only been to ONE place.  ayi.
sunday morning we were up early.
everyone was heading to our house for breakfast and an egg hunt.
stella dressed up, henry wore his jammies.  lol.  typical.
after the egg hunt and some easter presents, we headed to church.
where i have to give major props to my kids for being really good!
after church there was a little hunt for the kids.
my son refused to pick up any eggs unless they were blue.
no even kidding you.  lol.
after church we headed home to relax for awhile.
S&H had to head out to a quick party with their dad.
mom, danielle, tate, lacie, phil, jon and i enjoyed some drinks on the patio and soaked up the sun.
once S&H were back we headed to easter with the steibels
yes, if you are keeping track this would be the fifth egg hunt for my kids.
and my son STILL only wanted the blue eggs.  ayi.
we ate and hunted eggs and then decided to fly some kites.
ahhhh - it was perfect kite weather.
and this little guy was loving it!
while this girl was busy with her favorite twins riding the gator.
love this!
after that party we still had just one more party to go to.
back to the other side of jon's family.
we got there in enough time to do one last hunt, swing on the swings and enjoy some m&ms.
late baths, clipping and cleaning dirty fingernails and a few back rubs later - everyone was out!
perfect little weekend!
hope yours was great too!
happy easter!


Amanda aka Manda said...

Why do S&H have to be so darn cute??

Myssie@PendletonMarket said...

wowzers!! I am tired just reading what all you guys did!! I am glad that everyone enjoyed the weekend and had a great holiday!

Oh, and I am going to go shopping for the boys outfits for M & D's wedding tomorrow!

And, I read your comment on my blog...I will keep my eye out!! and thanks for your kind words!

Adrien said...

I love that your work has such frequent parties - so fun!

Five egg hunts?? :D I was exhausted after three!! I'm about to turn into every adult I've ever known and ask, "Where do kids get their energy?" Haha. They were so super cute as always!

By the way. I'll be writing more about it tomorrow, but…I got ONE picture with Dave wearing the STS necklace I got the other day, and then like five minutes before we were supposed to go on Reagan ripped it right off and broke it. Gah! It's fixable, but I couldn't do anything about it just then. It was a sad moment. :)