Five on Friday!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Five on Friday!

yay!  it's friday.
i wish i could join tons of other people and say - holla for an extra long weekend, but no.
i am at work today.
however i will give a holla for ZERO traffic this morning.
i'll take that easy 40 minute drive to work ANY day!
so on to my five on friday!

we started bedroom closet renovations this week.
there's some new foreman in town.
jon and i have been demoted.
notice stella's hand on her hip.  too much.
stella got straight to work knocking the wall down.
looks like another girl in construction in her future - proud mommy!
jon has worked SO hard all week and look at this progress.
that boy is good - i tell you what!

we found frozen on netflix this weekend and rented it.
nana was over when we did that and before we knew it, these three were GLUED!
or as henry prefers to call the movie - let it go.  lol.
if S&H play it right, word is the easter bunny will be bringing them the frozen (let it go) movie!

these cute little bunnies are excited to come to mom's work this afternoon for an easter party.
they have been party animals (bunnies) this week.
party at the baby sitters on wednesday.
stella had a party at school thursday.
mom's work party today.
it's good being S&H!

still going strong on my coconut oil and honey.
seriously - i am in love!
start today.  i mean it!

i have to give a huge shout out to one of my favorite bloggers adrien.
her and her husband (who is my age) are heading down to the dave ramsey show - TODAY - to scream that they are debt free.  seriously how AWESOME is that!
major props to them.
i have been stalking them all day and i can't wait to listen to them later this afternoon.
seriously debt free at 27 - amazing!  way to go you two!!

have a great weekend and happy easter!


Myssie@PendletonMarket said...

The closets are looking good!! And congrats to Adrien and her Hubby!!! We got to scream "We're debt free" about 5 years feeling ever, I cried. LOL Dave Ramsey is amazing. ;)

Anonymous said...

Closets look awesome!! Nice work Jon! Is the wall in between staying or going for one big closet?

Tina Steibel said...

These two bunnies melt my heart...

Amanda aka Manda said...

S&H are too cute! My niece and nephews loved Frozen too! Love the new closets. Can't wait to see Jon's next creation!