Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, April 14, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

ummm what happened to the good weather?!
it's like rainy and cold today and they are calling for SNOW!
last week it was shorts, tanks tops and flip flops.
how is that possible?!
on to the weekend.
friday night i worked at the store with kim.
then headed home to change and head out with her to meet kendra for some girl time.
dinner at reifschneiders and drinks and tinys.
nice little girls night.
saturday morning i was up early to work at the store.
and we had an awesome day!!
once i got home our neighbors were outside and jon was just getting done mowing grass and the day was just perfect.  so we joined them!
next thing we knew it was time to head to a wedding we were going to that night.
and the best part about the wedding - scratchers!
and seriously it was perfect.  the guy was like my second cousin and the stiebel's are big gamblers.
i just loved that idea!
even though i had a losing scratcher.  lol.
sunday i was up early to head to ck to work.
i know - work, work, all weekend!  whew!
i got off early because S&H had a birthday party to attend for their second cousin's.
so i picked them up from their dad's and headed to the party!
they had a great time, love getting pictures like these.
these are all of the GREAT grandchildren on the steibel side.
after the birthday party we had a confirmation party to go to as well.
we are party people!  lol.
once we got home these two love bugs were playing pretty good together.
loving on their babies.  too cute.
by bedtime everyone was OUT and slept like a rock.  PTL!
have a great week!


Amanda aka Manda said...

Sounds like a great weekend! And I LOVE that scratchers idea!!

Anonymous said...

Ohhh to have grass!! Someday someday.