Five on Friday

Friday, April 11, 2014

Five on Friday

i have been one crab this week, thanks for my lovely aunt..... ugh.
BUT i have to say, on top of me being a crabby butt, this has been a great week!
so let's get to it.

opening day!
it was a much needed fun day with my bff.
took S&H to breakfast in the morning, got some work done, and did some stuff around the house, and then headed out for fun.
it was perfect!

this little girl had preschool screening this week and did great!!
she LOVES school and has just done SO well.
besides rocking school, she is rocking her side gig of sts kids model.
like a boss.  lol.

henry has worn underwear twice this week!
i know i know, i hate people talking about their kids pee and poop, but this kid has ZERO interest.
so when sissy said, you wana wear big kid underwear like sissy and he said yes.....
i'm going to praise him!

remember when jon and cassie started diy-ing a week or two ago.
ayi - yeah we got the floors done but the closet was taking a little while longer.
well, i am happy to say the walls are up and so are the shelves, just waiting for the new door frame!
thank you so much jon, for doing a great job and for putting up with me!
taking the weekend off and tackling the last closet this week!

yesterday was national siblings day.
i slapped this beauty up on facebook for the world to see.  lol.
and had to poke fun at maria for looking like a boy of course.
but truly i have the best siblings and i'd be lost without them!

have a great weekend and enjoy this awesome weather!!


Adrien said...

Sorry you had a crabby week! :/ I'm having a crabby day - over it!

But your kiddos are so so cute, and yes, that's awesome that Henry wants to wear underwear. Haha, it's so funny that you hate "potty" talk. :D

Hope you have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Stella loves the camera :) SO cute

Amanda aka Manda said...

S is too cute! And yay for H! Still so jealous of you and Kim going to opening day!!!