Five on Friday!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Five on Friday!

it is friday.
and the sun is shining.
double amen!

trying my best to keep my five on friday positive.
i hit a really hard spot yesterday.
it was one of those when you work hard for everything you have for your family, you do without so others can have, you bust your ass, you go above and beyond, and then evil people come in and do evil things.
i have about an hour drive home from work and i cried the entire hour home.
this too shall pass.
they will have to answer.
they have to live with this.
i just have to keep reminding myself.
so on to the top five.

did i mention it's in walking distance a block away in both directions.
nothing a rough day at work can't fix.

good people.
our baby sitter's mom passed away and therefore we were out a baby sitter for three days.
luckily our old baby sitter welcomed S&H back with open arms.
ptl for good people.

oh em gee.
it's clean.  it's amazing.  i want to lick the entire container.

the STS store!
oh em gee ladies it's almost there!!
ahhhh - it's coming along so well and it's just ADORABLE!!
i just love love love it!

it's been awhile.
after an hours worth or crying and blood shot eyes.
this was much needed.

i'm excited for this weather this weekend.
sun.shine!  holla!
have a great weekend!!


Anonymous said...

Nasty mean people suck!! Hope your weekend is better for you.

FroYo that close to where your working??! I am jealous!

Never heard of SunButter.

Adrien said...

Yes - hallelujah - sunshine!!

You are so right, Cassie. They will have to answer for themselves, whatever the situation. You are held accountable for YOU and the intentions of your heart…so keep doing the right things with clean hands and a clean conscience.

And know that someday they'll get theirs. Ha. :D

Amanda aka Manda said...

Mean people suck! Wish we were closer and could have margs together! That sounds amazing right now! And you're right, there is nothing froyo can't fix!

Shannon Q. said...

ahhh :( sorry people were being crappy! Glad you made the most of it with a margarita!

The Pink Growl said...

I need you and a marg in my life soon! And the next time you get the flag scarves please alert me. I'm dying for one and I want it from STS!