Weekend Wrap Up - one day late....

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up - one day late....

hey, hi!
it's tuesday, which means i'm a day late on this whole weekend wrap up thing.
eeek, sorry.
so you all know that means i'm going to have a hell of a time trying to remember what happened.
five days ago on top of it.  ayi.  so i'll do my best.
friday was pretty chill.
i put together this cute little monogrammed tray for a bridal shower.
my model, vana, insisted she pose with the adorable little gift.
too cute.
hand on her hip, knee bent.  boom - STS model in the making.
then we headed to kim's for a bit and a quick late night trip to wal-mart.
saturday nana called and invited us to breakfast.
hello kitty pancakes are a must for stella.
and henry just stuck to his coffee.
and yes, that's REALLY coffee in there.
cream and one sugar.
best drank like a dog, hence the tongue out.  lol.
nana brought us a scrabble board - and we were pumped!
we finally have a cool magnetic board - yay!
that afternoon we took off to a bridal shower with our favorite mrs. jones.
of course, matching.
what better way to enjoy a mommy daughter day, than to match.
later than night some of jon's friends came over with their new baby.  i really thought stella would be all about the new baby.  and she was happy she was there, but it was henry, who just LOVED her.  he wanted to hold her.  tickle her.  gave her toys.  melt my little heart henry george.
sunday was a big day for us!  stella's first movie!
and she said henry HAD to go, her exact words, "he might miss his mommy and sissy and that will make him cry."  awww, ok, he can go.
clearly, he looks THRILLED..... lol.
we saw frozen.  nana, lacie and aunt danielle joined us too. and jon of course :)
it was SUCH a cute movie!!
stella did pretty good.  even though she went to the bathroom SEVEN times.
all in all a nice little sunday and a perfect little weekend.


Anonymous said...

Henry with his coffee cup :) he looks so big.

so sweet that Stella insisted on Henry going to the movie also

Amanda aka Manda said...

You guys are so cute! Such a good weekend. And mini Vana is hilarious!

Adrien said...

Haha, multiple bathroom trips were necessary when we took the girl to their first movie, too. Didn't know they thought the bathroom was so interesting! :) I'm glad you were able to work something out with the gift!