Follow Your Bliss

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Follow Your Bliss

one of my favorite bloggers jen blogged about this today and i had to copy.
this may be birthday week for me, but it's also an emotional week.
i am saying goodbye to an extremely awesome mentor at work who is moving on to another company.
and tomorrow is the one year anniversary of my divorce.
whew - needless to say, it's been a week.  lol.
more like it's been a year.
and year of finding myself and looking at things differently.
a year to follow my bliss.
jen talked about receiving this bracelet and how powerful those words are.
and she is SO right!!
and this bracelet is on it's way to my house as i type.  yay!

she said every time she wears it she is reminded of the little things that make her feel like she has found her bliss.  i mean - seriously - see why i love her and her blog!

over the pass year i have really tried to focus more on finding my bliss.
and i think i have.

my bliss is....

9:00 when the light go out, caillou comes on and S&H only want to sit RIGHT next to mommy

buying presents for other people.  and then telling them right away that i just bought they an awesome gift.  (why do i suck a keeping secrets like that.  lol)

freshly painted nails

a $4 bottle of moscato from the gas station

a foot rub

when someone tells me how cute and well behaved my children are

a sold out night of sts items

a good report from stella's teacher

holding the doors for others, or vise versa

getting blog comments

coffee - two creams, two sugars

cooking with the kids

a full tank of gas (or a surprised full tank of gas from jon)

dinner with friends

when my sisters come home

when my kids say please and thank you

now you tell me, what's your bliss?



Kacie said...

I love this post! You are awesome and I am so thankful everyday for our friendship! It means so much to me (and Brent) how close we have remained (nothing had changed) and keeping us so involved with the kids! We love you!

Christine said...

my bliss is...

when i don't have to ask for a kiss from my little boy, he just wants one on his own! :)

going out to eat! but sometimes a pb&j and fritos is just as satisfying (or a hamburger tostino pizza).

lately, house shopping and getting our new house organized and decorated.

housewives. that is all. i realize it is all junk, but i love it! :)

a long overdue night out with a great friend. and it never fails, i get there and she has me wearing a new shirt/necklace/shoes in no time. gotta love her love for fashion!!!

Kacie said...

;) Love you, Christine!!

The Pink Growl said...

bliss = seeing you in Nashville in 2 weeks!!!!! I'm so proud of you this year and how you have handled everything with SUCH grace! You know you have been an amazing source of strength and friendship for me and I am so blessed to have you! XOXO

Shannon Snodgrass said...

My bliss is....

- when Victoria is so excited to see me when I pick her up after work. Hugs and kisses that melt me!

- foot rubs

- bite size Dove dark chocolate

- a clean and organized house

- pedicures

- when my family gets together

- date nights

- when Victoria sleeps in HER bed all night

- stopping for breakfast in the morning and they tell me they saved the last blueberry muffin for me :)

- Friday night family movie nights

- my warm fuzzy socks

- when we get home from work and Scott, Victoria and I have a group hug and she makes us kiss like 987256 times and seeing her huge smile

- spending time with friends

Amanda aka Manda said...

I love this post! I love your outlook! You are such an amazing person and friend! Btw... I'm horrible at keeping secrets about gifts too. And a $4 bottle of moscato...that better be coming to Nashville with you two! ;o)

Cassie said...

shannon - i love those! SO cute that she makes you kiss and kiss. love that!!

Anonymous said...

Although you say you are not the lovey type You still are very good at showing others how much you love them in your own way.

Love you sister!

Cassie said...

kacie - you are one awesome friend!! xoxo

lacie - thanks sis :)

Julia said...

My bliss is holding both of my babies while they are sleeping and just taking in their baby smell! They are growing and changing everyday and life is too short not to hold them every chance I get!

Keep up the good work! I don't know you that well but I do know you have adorable children and that you have really been able to "find yourself" this past year and I think that is great!!

Julia said...

My bliss is just holding my babies and taking in their baby smell!! They are growing and changing every day and life is too short to not hold them every chance I get!

Love reading your blog! I don't know you that well but I do know you have adorable children that you love SO very much as that's all that matters:)

Katie said...

Love this! I also suck at keeping presents a secret...Jake and I never make it until Christmas or birthdays...we pretty much have to give the presents as soon as we buy them.

And surprise full tanks of gas are awesome! Good job, Jon :)

Jen @ That's What She Read said...

AH I AM SO sad I am just now seeing this, i love it so so much! You are MY bliss! :)