Random Wednesday

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Random Wednesday

linking up with the cutest little shannon for random wednesday...

do you think we care about random selfies at country kitchen?  nope.....
completely normal for us.
i really hope henry was giving the liefer lady who wouldn't stop starring/whispering/talking about us the evil eye because momma was close to doing something about it.
how do people think - OTHER PEOPLE CAN'T SEE OR HEAR YOU.  WE CAN!
ayi.  vent over.

you have to check out a video i uploaded to my youtube page.
stella has the craziest stories now a days.  she is constantly talking about all of her babies and the crazy names she comes up with for them.  her husband/dad/brother/aunt/grandma.
we literally have weekly birthday parties for all of her kids/friends/babies.
and don't you DARE try to take the decorations down once you "think" the party is over.
jon and i learned that lesson the hard way.
check out the video here.
the eye rolling.  hand talking.  fast moving.  she fits right in with me, danielle and lacie.  lol.

did you notice in the pumpkin painting picture someone wasn't wearing pants.
hey, if that football career folds, we always have dreams of being Picasso to fall back on.

also don't pay attention to the fact that my backsplash is STILL not painted.
yep, it's yellow, everything else is gray.
ayi, one of these days....

last night i made these.
and i don't think i need to say anything else.
besides maybe if you are looking for me i'll be sitting on my couch wearing comfy pants eating every.single.one!  so so good!

and just a quick shout out to this boy.
let's all send some good positive vibes his way.  he needs them :)
and he needs some more v-neck shirts..... lol.

have a great hump day!!
and if you need a good laugh.
go and check out the videos on raven's blog of her kids.
especially the second one.  i can't.stop.laughing!!


The Pink Growl said...

oh the Raven video!!! I DIED!!! I can't stop laughing over it! Positive vibes to Jon!!

Adrien said...

Aha, sounds like Evie and Stella have been picking names from the same baby book. Girls are so funny! :)

Shannon Snodgrass said...

Love the selfie. Henry's look says a thousand words. Too funny!

Oh Stella, you are adorable!! I bet she keeps you hopping mama :)

Chocolate & peanut butter?!?!? Yes please.... all of them!!!

Sending lots of good vibes for Jon!

Amanda aka Manda said...

Stella is a hoot. And H definitely has a future in the arts!

Anonymous said...

You have a YouTube page??! How do I not know this!!
Good vibes sent for Jon!