Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, August 19, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

good morning!!
we had a really great weekend, so let's get right to it!
Sami's Shenanigans
friday i had to leave work a little early to get new tires for my car.
TWO hours later i was finally leaving there.  not cool NTB, not cool.
but once i was on the road all was good.  i headed to get S&H, then we picked up my dad and then headed to Gma and Gpa Steibel's house to have cake for Gpa's birthday!
he had some of his tractors out from the day still and S&H were in HEAVEN.
however Henry REFUSED to get on one.  what a baby butt.  but Stella was LOVING it!
once we got home that night we took some much needed baths after being on the farm and called it a night!
everyone slept in until almost 8:00 on saturday.  we enjoyed breakfast at home and had a few visitors.  loreli was one of them.  she wasn't a fan of having to go home, and i think S&H would have been ok if she stayed all day.  lol.  but nana had brought over a friend to help pull out our bushes so we had work to do.  unfortunately we were unsuccessful.  those freaking roots are DEEP!  so we called it quits and headed in to pack up our bags and head to danielle's house.
once we got there we enjoyed a tour of her and tate's new house and then headed out for some fun!
we stopped at a park near their house and got to feed the ducks.  S&H loved it.  one duck ate right out of stella's hand.  she thought that was so cool!
and then we headed to the State Fair.  i was so excited.  one because i love fairs, and two because i had never been.  neither have S&H (obviously).  so we were ready to mark this off our list.
and oh my goodness - we LOVED it!  the food, the exhibits, the stuff, the everything!
we might have to make this a yearly thing.
we of course had to see the butter cow.  stella clearly looks thrilled.
or maybe she's freaked out.  like really mom i have to stand next to this huge butter cow?  ha.
henry of course loved all the tractors and the fire trucks.  i'm pretty sure his next birthday party will be a fire truck birthday party.  ps - stella's face, ayi....
on our way out there was a dog show and so we stopped and watched it.  stella is certain she is going to teach abbie all of these tricks.  bahaha - good luck sister.  however when we got home on sunday she was making abbie walk up and down the stairs for a treat.  and abbie was doing it.  lol.  that's not really a trick sweetie.  but hey, it's a start.
once we got back to danielle and tate's house we ordered some take out and got some work done before we ate.  ha.  stela was serious about her work.  she has even started using the words "paycheck" when she pretend plays.  ayi, yi yi....
everyone finally crashed around 10:30.  of course when we aren't at our own house we will be wide awake at 6:50 the next day.  lord.  so we were up and making breakfast.  after breakfast we broke out the juicer and tried our hand at juicing.  going to have to admit, it wasn't too bad.
however - do NOT use cucumber.  or maybe don't use too much cucumber.  anything you mix with it, it will still, no matter what, taste like cucumber.  in the words of henry, "i don't yike it!"  ha.  me either bud.
but this was like an apple, strawberry, romaine lettuce one.  it was REALLY good!
i'm pretty sure we wore out our welcome by like 10:30 so we packed up and headed for the road.
we came home to a finally all painted living room thanks to jon.  PTL for that boy.
we played and played and then around six headed to jon's house to go to corn fest.
henry went to town on some corn and everyone had a great time.
after quick baths, everyone was out - fast.
and now we are down to three more days before stella starts school.... whew.
have a great week!


Adrien said...

Yay for a great weekend! I have never been to the state fair, but I really want to go. Looks like a fun time! Love those cute kiddos of yours!

Anonymous said...

Henry wanting nothing to do with a tractor??!!

Stella's facial expressions in the fair pictures are hilarious. She was obviously having a good time!

Whoops the cucumber was my 2 cents on juicing. I have never juiced, but the girl at work seriously she has cucumber in every. single, one she makes. But she does eat weird things :)

Jackie said...

Loreli talked about it the rest of the day! She was going to bed and told us that she didn't want to leave Stella and Henry's house! She just can't let anything go! LOL! Eli didn't do our bushes but I told him what you guys were doing it and he said that he is gonna use the wench off of his jeep...not sure if that will make a diffrence or not but maybe I can get him to try it out!?

Amanda aka Manda said...

Looks like such a fun weekend!! The Kentucky State Fair is going on right now but not sure if I want to brave the crazies and go.

The Pink Growl said...

awww fun! What's up with H not wanting to play on the tractor???