It's Ok Thursday....

Thursday, August 15, 2013

It's Ok Thursday....

hi guys!
it's thursday.  i have an awesome night planned with some super fun moms and i'm stoked.
MNO!!  (moms night out)
like the countdown is on.  and like i even shaved my legs.
ok, kidding, i haven't shower since tuesday.  yep.  i said it.  you're welcome erin.
so i'm in a good mood and SO ready for tonight.  let's get to it....
it's ok.... if this picture of your daughter completely sums up your relationship.
ayi.  she is something else....
i mean it's basically saying, "i have sass, i am cute, and yes i'm hearing you speak but it's going in one ear and out the other, can i have some candy already lady."  ha.
it's ok.... to be completely excited about rain boot pictures.
henry had two his year session at creative bent on monday and since it was rainy i thought, hey maybe i will grab his rain boots, lord knows the boy could live in them.
i told anna about my idea and she took right to it.  i can't WAIT to see them!
it's ok.... to ask your son to walk like an old man.  he does this ALL the time and it's hilarious.
it's completely random too.  he gets a thought in his head that he wants to be goofy and starts walking all hunched over and slow.  in target.  down any random sidewalk.  outside playing.  and he just has the cutest grin on his face while doing it.  because he knows he is being cute and funny.  man i love that kid.
here is he just getting out of the tub the other night.  old man crossing.  lol.
it's ok.... that your daughters new favorite cup to drink out of is a plastic martini glass.  ayi....
it's ok.... to buy some pretties for your front door.  front doors need love to.
and this, for only $7 - i just HAD to have....
it's ok.... to get off the, nervous about preschool train and hop on the SO excited for preschool train.  stella took right to it on tuesday night at open house.  like it was her place to be.  she ran that room.  lol.  ok, kinda, but she seriously just fit right in!!  i think there's going to be about 4 girls and 4 boys in her class and i'm SO excited for her.  and i have already put in PTO for every.single field trip.  ha.  let's do this preschool!
oh and they sometimes do yoga during center time.  stella is PUMPED!

so lot's of good stuff to look forward too.
15 days until Henry turns TWO.
one week until Stella officially starts preschool.


Adrien said...

I love rain boot pictures! Can't wait to see how all of them turn out. :) Henry cracks me up, haha. We're excited for preschool over here, too. It's going to be a fun Fall!

Amanda aka Manda said...

a) S is too funny- full of sass like her mama. b) the rain boot pictures melt my heart. c)H walking like that is too funny! d) The martini glass- totally belly laughed at that one. e) LOVE the front door sticker!

And's totally OK to skip a shower day sometimes...especially if you don't stink! ;o) Have fun tonight!!!

Jackie said...

Super excited about MNO!!!! I promise I won't puke this time but not promising that I won't get
I LOVE that picture of Stella....cracks me up!
We got Henry's invite in the mail yesterday and as soom as Loreli "read it" he went and got her tractor and said can we give these to Henry and then talked about Stella and Henry all night!....SO CUTE! We even took the tractors to Jenny's today! I think my kid has a crush on your kids! LOL

Cassie said...

oh my goodness jackie, that is hilarious!! looks like we totally need this playdate before the birthday party!

Anonymous said...

Seriously Henry's old man is the funniest thin I have ever seen! And Stella is just getting her glass ready for $10 Pitchers of Margs!


Anonymous said...

The beginning of this post made me laugh! So funny!!!
My mom is not one to shower regularly either. I heard her tell Kevin the other night after walking with my aunt "I don't have to shower I didn't sweat." hahahahh thats my mom!!

LOVE that you added the rain boots in the photo shoot! VERY Henry. And his old man walk... do you think he could do that for everyone at his bday party??! :)

The Pink Growl said...

I love S's martini class! She's one classy her mama!