Five on Friday!!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Five on Friday!!

oh my goodness friday, i found you!  i feel like i have been looking for you all week!
well for you and for some wine and for my therapist.
lawd, i'm one hot mess this week.
thank you god for making me a girl.  ayi, sometimes it's not cute....
but not all of my week was spent crying to my therapist and drinking wine.
i had a good chunk of peaks too.
so let's share them!
i went on a six mile bike ride on wednesday night.
and oh my goodness, it.felt.great!!
what is it about bike rides?  they are just so peaceful to me.
or maybe it was because i left my cell phone in my car and for almost a good hour i could have cared less about it.  wow, yes i think i need to start doing that more often.
and i totally want one of those pull behind things for S&H.  anyone have one they wana sell?

sometimes when brother falls asleep a little earlier than sister, it's completely ok to make popcorn and enjoy some one on one time with her.  it was much needed.
man i love that little girl!

we celebrated abbie's 5th birthday this week.
how abbie has made it five years is BEYOND me.  lol.  homegirl has ate more than i ever knew a dog could physically eat.  i tell her all the time she has to be diabetic, she eats just about anything S&H give her.
she's even ate a pair of eye glasses before.  oh how i will never forget that.
but she is honestly the BEST dog.  S&H can ride her like a horse, chase her with their toys, play with her ears and legs and tail and she just doesn't care.  she loves those kids and they LOVE her.
and that makes me love her even more.  even if she eats the bathroom trash!

these cuties made their way to my kitchen the other weekend.
they used to be my parents.  and when i came across them i knew i had to have them.
mrs. salt, farmer pepper and pig pig.

i got to be a model for Small Town Styles last night
her normal, ever so adorable, model was on vacation.  i couldn't turn down the offer.
i even sported this adorable Small Town Styles shirt the other night.
get you one!

it's a blogger weekend and i am SO excited!!
nikki will be here THIS AFTERNOON!!  eeeeeeee.
we have a fun fill weekend ahead of us.  yay yay yay!
see you monday!


Anonymous said...

6. Lunch with ME yesterday! hahah

bike rides are extremely peaceful!

Amanda aka Manda said...

You looked so cute in all your modeling photos! Love that bow top! Still wishing I could join on this weekends festivities! Hope y'all have a blast!!

Jackie said...

I think I need to try bike rides! We have one of those pull behind things for the bike! If you wanna borrow it just let me know! Loerli loves it!!!!!

Erin @ Keep Calm and Sparkle said...

LMAO...Murphy once ate an entire month's supply of my birth control!

Soooooooooooo sad I am missing this weekend so you biznatches best be calling me and sending me pics!!!


Mary Cavalier said...

Our beagle goes for the bathroom trash can any chance he gets. That and Toms earplugs from the nightstand

Katelyn @ Imperfect Perfection said...

That shirt is sooo cute! Along with that little cuties smile.