Before and Afters

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Before and Afters

hey guys!
so i always forget before pictures, mostly because my projects are spur of the moment and they just start happening before i realize, crap i should have taken a before picture.
BUT i have all of the pictures from when the house was up for sale.
so those will work just fine.
let's start with the hall way look
holy smokes right....
i would love to get rid of that carpet and pull down all wood floors.
maybe next year.....
and still not sure how i feel about that pink mirror.  stella told me it was "so pretty!"
not sure if she meant the mirror or herself....
on to the kitchen.
excuse the afters they are iphone pictures and those are nothing to brag about.
SO much brighter!!
i'm thinking of going with either a navy blue or maybe a brown-ish type rug.
the red has got to go!  i'm not good at this kind of stuff so if anyone has a good color to use, PLEASE share!
hey cassie - hang some stuff on your walls. and buy some curtains.
ha, ok ok, i will.  it's so hard to put holes in freshly painted walls.....
again, a color/idea for the curtains would be great.
or should i X the bamboo shades??
maybe spray paint them white???
again - SO much brighter.  just need to add some cool back-splash, oh yeah and if i'm REALLY lucky, maybe some new counter-tops!  eeeee!!  christmas present?!  ha.
i would LOVE to have a round table back in here.  oh i would love it.
and i think i need to change that lamp shade, not working there cass.....
so there you have it.  a freshly painted kitchen that still needs LOTS of love.
and is open to TONS of suggestions.
even if the suggestion is cassie, that paint color isn't working.
because trust me, it's crossed my mind.........  ayi.
but i'm trying to convince myself it's just the red accents that's throwing me off.


Anonymous said...

I love your hallway. Well, I love all of it..but I like the hallway a lot. lol.

Anonymous said...

Don't change the paint color. I like it!. Neutral enough that you can add stuff to the walls and it doesn't look 'in your face'. That color against the white makes it look really white!

I vote to put the kids pictures where the mirror is and put a smaller mirror where the pics are now. Put that mirror on the back of your bedroom door or something if that is your only full length mirror. I'm also not the best with decoration ideas so you can completely ignore my suggestion! hahah

About our kitchen table swap. As of now I'm thinking our round one might work in our breakfast room. If not you get first dibs on it. That is if you can hold out until probably Nov.

The Pink Growl said...

This looks amazing! I want wainscoting & stripes!

Erin @ Keep Calm and Sparkle said...

I am still loving the pink mirror!!!

Tamara @ Everything Happens said...

I love your style! And I agree with Stella, I like the pink mirror!

Sarah said...

it looks amazing!I love how quickly you are getting together :) it is so homey.

ALSO--- are you still wanting to guest post? I have friday open!

Lindsey @ Life on Countryside said...

love this!!!!! I can't wait to tackle some house projects this fall/winter. Kitchen, Half bath and mater bath! Hello MESS!!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

I have a solid Oak round (or oval depending on if leaf is in or not) table for sale. It's in excellent condition. I happened to have more space that was better for a bar height square and found one cheap so I switched them out.
I've advertised it on Waterloo sell site but no takers yet.
If your interested let me know.

Lisa Muench said...

Hey Cassie I just read your latest blog Randy pours concrete counter tops for a 1/4 of the cost of regular ones and they look amazing.. let me know if you are interested.. nice thing you can pick whichever color you want!

Kim Luke said...

I am obsessed with your hallway. With everything hanging up, i LOVE the pink mirror!!!!
Please help me with my house!! lol

Myssie Pillers said...

I am loving everything that you have done!! It really looks great! I agree that the mirror in the hallway just isn't right. Maybe switch the mirror for some larger pics of the kids and put a smaller mirror where you have the pics of the kids now? As far as the kitchen...I like the idea of a navy rug (but I am OBSESSED with navy). I would leave the blinds, they are easy and they add texture. I also like the idea of a round table! Everything looks great!

Jen @ That's What She Read said...

wow I am in love with those stripes!! well done!