Finish the Sentence...

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Finish the Sentence...

hey!  sorry i don't have any awesome life updates or anything today.
i do need to get my butt in gear and get an updated house tour for you all.
i will get on that right after i stop thinking about disney.
oh it's going to happen.  so so soon.  i can smell it!
anyways, focus cassie.  linking up here:

If I had one extra hour in the day... i would catch up on my shows on my DVR.  no joke.  all i watch is cailou.  my sister asked me the other day why i hadn't blogged about the royal baby and i said, because i know nothing about it.  if cailou's mom was having a baby i could write a weekly post.

I wish my name... wasn't Cassie.  because let's face it - it's NEVER Cassie.  it's always "is that Cathy with a K or a C."  neither - it's Cassie.  i think i am going to just start spelling out my name.  but shit, even when i do that there's always that long pause of, wait, what did she just say?  and then it's always, ohhhh Caaaaassssie.  umm - yes, that's what i said the first time.  ayi.

I think anything chevron is... getting old.  sorry - yes i said it.

My last nightmare... ayi - i always think i'm getting robbed.  it's horrible.  and yes, therefore a nightmare.  lol.  but it's my house, my car, just standing there in target.  the hells wrong with me?  lol.

Sometimes... i wish i had a personal stylist.  ok, wait, i want that every day.  but seriously, someone to just say ok, wear this, and you look banging.  i mean, yes!

My last meal on earth would be... i think lasagna from zia's.  words can't describe that meal.

I would much rather... clean my bathroom than grocery shop.

Mayonnaise... a lot of people here tonight.  baha, horrible.  but mayonnaise is horribly, horribly gross.  i need miracle whip.  please and thank you.

10 years ago, I didn't think... i'd be where i am today.  no joke.  but i think it's exactly where i need to be! :)

Selfishly... i gave myself a bigger piece of ice cream than my daughter the other day.

My favorite show on TV right now... cailou.  bahaha - kidding.  i do love my some real housewives of orange county.  have and always will be my favorite group.

And, George Zimmerman... i should pay more attention to it, but cailou is on.  sorry.


Anonymous said...

ok what the eff is cailou?? You mentioned like 8 times in one post hahah

Anytime I mention you and Stella to my mom she's always like what I thought Kathy had a son. hahah no mom CASSIE not KATHY.

p.s. Holly is a St. Louis blogger.

Cassie Marshall said...

HAHAHA just found your blog through the link-up, everyone calls me KATHY, that's what I wrote too!

Jackie said...

I totally understand the name thing....I am anything but Jackie! Kathy, Cassie, Jessie, etc....
The best is when someone calls and asks for one of the above and my boss says you have the wrong and hangs up on them....BAHAHAHA. After 6 years you would think he would figure it

Dara said...

oh caillou. trust me I know. my kids actually haven't watched him in awhile, but for some reason all 3 of them love him!

Kim Luke said...

is it bad that it drives me BONKERS that you spell Caillou wrong? lol

I love chevron. there I said it.

Erin said...

Totes agree with Kim. (Wait, what?!) on both things. :)

Erin LFF said...

Yeah I don't get the obsession w/ chevron. I'm not against it or anything, but it's just a freakin' pattern people! I'm team polka dots all the way ;)

And there is really never a need to stop thinking Disney!!