What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

happy winesday!
like i have said a few times, life has been pretty good.  i think it's fair to say everyone in our house is happy.
and that feels SO good to say!!
so with that being the case, let's share some things we are loving.
i am loving that henry now has a deer head in his room.
thank you again so much to dean for bringing this over and letting henry have it.
he is still yet to touch it, but he woke up first thing this morning and pointed at it saying, 'deer!'
stella just pets it and says, awww, it's so caute!  lol.
AND it gets even better, the amazing shannon is gifting henry a ram head.  whattttt!!  SO pumped!
thank you shannon, gah, thank you!!
happy everyone!!
i am also loving when my kids decide they don't want to eat the brownies they brought on the way to connie's in the morning.  yep, confetti brownies.  can't pass them up!  you know you can't either.
and yes i'll take some coffee with my cream.  whoops...
so i have to admit, i am kind of a makeup foundation snot.  i really only buy estee lauder.  which makes me feel old because i feel like older women only wear that.  but whatever, i like it.  it's worked for me.
however i was in a crunch the other day and texted my hickey bestie kristen on what drug store foundation she would recommend.  she said this:
and oh my goodness - she was SPOT on.  i am loving this foundation!!
$10 at target, might have just beat the $30's at estee lauder......
i am also loving that my cousin started blogging.
she leaves today for her trip to Europe.  it's through the city of waterloo and her school i believe.
a free trip to europe.  props to you veronica.
have a GREAT time and a safe trip.
keep your eye out for a cute little European guy.  oww oww!  lol.
you can follow along on her trip here.
i am loving that i am going to the kenny chesney concert tomorrow with katie!
he's one artist i have never seen in concert and i'm SO excited.
thank you katie for inviting me to go along!!
i'm not sure if eric church is going to be there but if he is - ahhhhh - pumped.
and i am SO excited to see kacey musgraves.  i just love her.
S&H are loving that they get to hang out with ali while mommy goes to the concert.
and nana will be picking them up later for some more fun.  happy S&H!
and it wouldn't be a complete loving post without some sass.
i can always count on loving these ecards.
have a great day!


Tamara @ Everything Happens said...

Ohhhh my goshhhh... cosmic brownies. I can't remember the last time I had one. I don't allow myself to keep Little Debbies in the house, its dangerous!

Anonymous said...

Momma lovin :) VERY cute

Ohhhh I would not complain if Eric Church shows up tomorrow night!!

I recommend the cotton candy swirly popsicle from the ice cream man today hahah

Shannon Snodgrass said...

So happy the ram head will have a good home ;) We have 3 deer heads and a buffalo skull so yep, we're all good here, lol. Victoria likes to pet them. It's hilarious the faces she makes and to hear her say buffalo. Caaute!

We'll be in Waterloo on Saturday for a party if you want to meet up. If you're busy, we'll work something out for another time ;)

My new love is L'Oreal True Match foundation. Former love was the Revlon Colorstay. I just decided to switch it up recently. I <3 saving $20 as well!!!

Sarah said...


The Kenny Chesney/Eric Church show is going to be AMAZING!!! Whouldn't Mr. Church be there?? It is awesome! I wish I was going again!

Julia said...

Kenny is AWESOME in concert!! I have seen him 4 times and would see him again! I'm bummed I can't go tonight but going to an outside concert and being 26 weeks pregnant with twins just don't mix:/ Have a drink for me!!

Pamela said...

Have fun at the concert!! Kenny Chesney puts on an awesome show! Eric Church is good too!