Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, June 24, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

hi!  we had a very successful and happy weekend.
no complaints here.  i'm pretty sure we could handle every weekend this way.
friday we headed out to jh's house for some swimming.
i got S&H those puddle jumper things.  oh my goodness, best $16 investment ever!
they LOVED them and swam like little fish.
henry sure was enjoying lounging around.  ha.
stella was jumping in right and left.  no fear.  and loving it.  yay!!
saturday we slept in a little bit.  and then headed to ck for breakfast.  i felt like we hadn't been there in forever!  S&H were excited to see kim.  and idk what she put in those flower pancakes but stella gobbled them right up!  we headed to the bank after that were my kids were treated like rockstars.  presents from the kids club and candy.  such a rough life they have.  lol.  then we got a text from the lukes saying they wanted us to come swimming.  we ran a few errands and then headed there!
holy babies - they are just adorable and so good!!
ps - mommas with boobies after babies - old navy has $10 tops and bottoms right now.  this top is pretty supportive, not going to lie.  i was impressed by old navy.  highly recommend checking them out.
the rest of the night was spent just chilling at home and painting some more upstairs.
yes, we tackled painting with two kids.  ha.  but it went really well!
this kid has it so rough.  ha.
sunday morning everyone was up by 7.  ayi.  and we took on the day.  playing.  laundry.  grocery store.  showers.  rearranging henry's room.  it's officially ready for deer heads and antlers!!  yay!
ps - looking for an old wooden oar if anyone has one.  thanks!
around 2:00 we headed out to a birthday party.  S&H had a great time.  thank you again adrien for inviting us.  my daughter is still talking about worms in her pudding.  aka dirt cups.  lol.
after the birthday party we headed out to the hellers for swimming and dinner.  S&H were back to being little fishes again.  denise seriously saved me about $200 in swim lessons!  she pretty much taught stella to swim like no other.  she swam from one side of the pool to the other.  SO proud!!  and that little girl couldn't stop smiling.  happy everyone!  after dinner we hung out for a bit and waited out the storm.  everyone was zonked 2 minutes into the car.  and everyone was sleeping by 9:00.  amen!
see what i mean - pretty successful and happy weekend.
we are ready to bring on this week!  kenny chesney concert on thursday, S&H get to hang out with ali, and the fireman's picnic on friday.  yay!  have a great week!


Tamara @ Everything Happens said...

Hot mama! I need to check out Old Navy ASAP!

Adrien said...

REALLY glad you guys were able to come! I might have to check out Old Navy, too! :)

Anonymous said...

happy pool kids :)

Shannon Snodgrass said...

Summer time fun doesn't get much better!! Henry is the most chill little boy in all his pics. He looks like he's just lovin life and taking it all in... so handsome! And Miss Stella, girl I love that smile :)

Meagan said...

How did the puddle jumper fit Henry?! I've been thinking about getting it for Carson but was afraid he would be too small still!

Sarah said...

What a great weekend!! Lookin good in the swim suit lady!! Hot mama!!!

I am thinking i need to be in the pool next weekend...a lot!! These pictures made me jealous!

Happy monday love!!

Jamie said...

They're so cute!