Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, June 3, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

hey guys!  i'm back.  yay!
not going to lie i thought having a little over a week off was going to be hard to come back today.
but i was up bright and early and on time and it feels great.
my desk is still a complete mess, but that's ok.
so..... the new house is AWESOME!
S&H love love love it.
which makes it 348329582039 more awesome!
we had to go over to the duplex to do some final cleaning and they kept saying they didn't want to go back to the old house anymore.  i like the sound of that!
so let's see.... thursday evening we signed on the house!!  happy everyone!!
once we headed over to check the place out, we ordered some pizza and just enjoyed the new place.
we stayed at the duplex that night and then started moving everything friday morning.
slowly but surely we did it.  thank you again to everyone who helped move.  especially danielle and JH.
friday night dad ordered fish for everyone and we continued unpacking.
saturday morning we decided we needed to make a wal-mart trip and stella insisted we stop by rural king.
good thing she did because there was a petting zoo that day.  both S&H loved it!
funny thing is stella keeps calling that llama a "big momma!"  ha.  too funny.
saturday night was more moving/unpacking.  sunday was the same.
or maybe i just can't remember if we really did anything or not because it was so long ago.  lol.
aunt danielle did start the shaving cream beard infatuation that S&H now have.....
monday josh picked up the kids for a graduation party and we got started on some projects.
the deck mostly - and oh man it looks awesome!
JH power washed it all off and then we of course had to wait for it to dry and then started painting.
all of the railings went to white and the floor we used this deck over/porch and floor paint.
then we added the boards to the front steps and slapped on some new house numbers.
and i think it looks awesome!  kacie came over a few days later and helped me decorate it with a chair and lantern and a wreath.  and then we added a flag too.  i just LOVE it!
all for about $100 - $50 in paint and brushes at home depot, $20 for house numbers and a little more for the lumber.  i'd call it a cheap and easy project that makes a huge difference!
next outside project is that landscaping.... ayi....
once the porch was done we headed upstairs to work on S&H's rooms.  it's becoming quite the project, but we are getting there.  any ideas are greatly appreciated.
so now the moment you have all been waiting for - house tour video!!
ok so i made this first one on saturday morning.  it was early and the house is a MESS!

 and then since SO much has changed in the ten days we have been there - i made another tour yesterday!
yay two videos.  enjoy and don't judge.  please.  lol.


Anonymous said...

It looks really good! I love how big the porch is. I have a thing for porches (weird??!). Ours in the new house will not be anything so I'm jealous! Hah
The upstairs is cute and perfect for Stella and Henry!

Jackie said...

Your house is so cute!!! Lve it!!!

Neri said...

Love the improvement of the porch! It's SO cute!! So happy for you guys!

Adrien said...

"This banister now is all white - praise Jesus." Baha.

I'm so glad you did this, I really liked the video! I think gray is perfect. Super cute house!

Shannon Snodgrass said...

Aww Cassie, your home is AWESOME!!! I absolutely love it!!! Your porch turned out great. This whole post made me smile for you! XO

Sarah said...

WAHOOOOO :) I am so so so happy for you!

I cannot wait to see how you continue to make it your own!

Erin @ Keep Calm and Sparkle said...

YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!! Loved the tour even though your shaky hand made me a little naseous! ha I still love you!

Laura said...

Love the house! Very cute! Sounds like you have some cool things ahead of you. Hope you get your projects done soon & you can sit back & relax & enjoy that new home. I'm looking forward to vacation (Colorado 1st week in July) as well. I'm gonna need it after selling ours at the end of the month. :) - Hey do you have room for live ins? Steve might need a place to crash since he isn't keen on living with my parents. LOL

Katie said...

Holy cute house! That's after only 10 days?! It looks better than our house and we've been in here almost 3 weeks! Love love love the porch :) I had to show Jake the before and after photos you put on facebook because I was amazed at how different it looks!

Mel@JunkinJunky said...

Wow, what a fantastic update! I can see that it's the same porch, but it sure looks different.

Sarah said...

Looks great!

Alison said...

It looks great! Amazing how much of a difference the bottom part of a step makes!

Unknown said...

Love, love the porch....what brand/color is the floor of the porch?

Amy said...

Super cute porch! Did you know that you were featured over at betterafter.net for your porch redo!? HOW EXCITING!!!