Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, May 20, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

hi!!  how was your weekend?
ours was seriously awesome (thanks for asking)!
no joke, since this was our last weekend in the duplex and it was supposed to be like 90 both days we decided to enjoy ourselves some much needed outside time.
and i honestly don't think there was much more we could have soaked up!
friday night we headed home to eat and play for a bit and then we headed to the park.
the "rock park" as stella calls it.  aka the park that has rocks instead of dirt or mulch or those tire chips.
and that's where we learned how to bury each others legs and arms in the rocks.
ha - you would have thought my kids discovered the best thing ever.
and they thought it was even funnier when we got home and went to take baths and rocks were still falling out of every one's shorts/diapers/etc.
jh came over later that night and brought a pool for us to use for the weekend.
oh em gee it was like Christmas for S&H.  we rednecked it up and stood outside in our jammies filling it up at 9:00 at night.  ha.  classy bunch.
saturday morning we were up by 7:30 and everyone wanted to get in the pool.
but it needed to warm up a bit.  so we headed to ck with papa and literally once we got home and changed we were in the pool.  yes - by 9:30.  and it was SO cold.
stella had no fear and got right in - henry had ZERO interest.  we played until about 11-ish and then daddy came and picked up S&H to take them to their great grandma's 80th birthday party for a bit.
while they were gone believe it or not i packed up SOME stuff.  ha.  not much, but some.
once they got back henry was sleeping so stella and i enjoyed some girl time in the pool!
it was SO much fun and man oh man do i love that little girl.
next thing we knew nana was knocking on the door and she joined us for some pool time too!
once henry woke up we headed to get some dinner and then back to the rock park with nana.
sunday morning i just knew my kids would sleep in late because of all of the swimming we did.  ha - silly silly mommy to think that.  henry was right next to my bed saying "hi!" at 7:15.  sister did sleep until about 8.
honestly when you have more than one kid though, those little moments of just one on one time are kinda nice here and there.  even if they are at 7:00 in the morning....
since the pool was still a little too cold we settled for some car washing instead while it warmed up....
no going to lie they did a pretty good job - when again do chores start?  jk jk.
around noon kendra and faye showed up and we got in the pool!  we played and played!
before we knew it it was nap time for the little ones so the odoms packed up and headed home.
we headed to gma steibel's house to hang out and stella got to pet the baby kitties!  oh man she was happy!
mommy - not so much.  thank goodness for veronica and julia, ugh, i just can't do it.  cats, ugh.  sorry....
PTL henry had zero interest.
we finished up our day checking out papa's new garden and having ice cream with him and buck and kacie, and a little more swimming!!
i think my kiddos were pretty happy to see them!
(hi laura's family in the background!!)
whew - just like i said, i don't think we could have soaked up anymore goodness this weekend!
happy everyone!
cheers to packing, house buying, moving week!  eeeeee!!!


The Pink Growl said...


That's What She Read said...

gosh you are a busy bee!! I just know we and our kidlets would have so much fun together!

Anonymous said...

Stella's smile :) so cute!

Fun weekend outside.

Shannon Snodgrass said...

Your weekend sounds perfect! We did some patio pool time and Victoria seemed to not care the water was 20 below zero coming out of the hose. That little fish jumped right in.... burrr!!

I love your mommy/Stella pic poolside! She is so adorable. I just die... those cheeks and that smile are insanely cute!!!

So excited for you this week!! Your very own home, ready to fill with precious memories and tons of love and laughter! You are an amazing lady, XOXO

Sarah said...

What a great weekend :)

I neeeed some pool time asap!

Lauren said...

Glad you had a lovely weekend Cassie :) Your kiddies are so cute! xo

Laura said...

The ice cream was SO good! Glad you guys had a nice weekend. GL with the move. I know I've been busy moving stuff to but now we gotta get that house SOLD! Moving sucks. :)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Looks like one fun last weekend at the duplex. Now on to many new memories at your new home. So proud of you sister! Love you!

Adrien said...

Aww, sounds like a great LAST weekend in your duplex. I can't wait to hear about all of your adventures in your new house!