Confession Friday!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Confession Friday!

hi guys!  so let's try to make this a fun upbeat maybe even a funny post.
eeek - seems those are few and far between lately - sorry......
first of let's talk real for a hot second.  i will be a home owner in LESS THAN A WEEK!!
eeeeeeeeeeee - i can't say that without smiling.
i just put in my PTO to take five days of vacation.  because lawd i deserve it.
and well because i haven't even started packing.
yes the ever so great procrastinator in me truly believes that next week when S&H go to daddy's on Tuesday and Wednesday i will be able to pack up three people in just two evenings.  baha.  i know....
on to the confessions....
i'm doing no soda and no fast food for the month of may.  and my god it's hard.  however, i have been really proud of myself, haven't given in once.  however getting a sweet tea from there is totally legit and ok to do.  there's always some kind of exception, right?  anyways, so on those we need a quick meal nights we have been going to Sub-Away a lot.  well, that's what stella calls it at least.
my kids do well there and eat good, however i truly believe they only want to go there so they can get in some serious people watching.  we sit in the same both right next to the window every.single.time.
ha - no idea where they get it from.....
ps - look at henry giving the thumbs up - too cute.
and that grin - gah, love that kid.
and see those "flowers" stella's holding.... i confess they are ripped straight out of nana's flower bed.  sorry nana.....  good thing she's so cute!
i confess that i'm pretty set on having one of those inground trampolines.  i mean they look amazing.  regardless one way or another we will have a trampoline!!
man i sure do have a lot of "projects" for this house, i better do something about that procrastination problem i have huh?  ha.  oh and i'm looking for a water table if anyone has one they want to get rid of!
i confess i have a pile of about 10 box tops on my desk at work.  saved from yes, pizza roll boxes.  a co-worker asked about them the other day.  i had to admit that i have an addiction to pizza rolls.
completely embarrassing..... 
i confess i didn't link up for the 30 miles post yesterday because i seriously can't remember when we walked.  my mind is just all over the place.  ayi.  sorry nikki!
alright, here's to a slow and easy weekend, time to just catch up on life!
have a good one - go and hug someone you love REAL tight :)


Anonymous said...

So exciting that you will be a homeowner in less than a week! :)

I had pizza rolls for lunch the other day and thought of you. They just aren't as good in the microwave.

Henry's grin <3

Sarah said...

I didn't post either for 30 in 30...:(

AHH cannot wait for the house!! :)

Tamara @ Everything Happens said...

Yayyyyy for it almost being house time. I'm so excited for you!