Oh That's Pinteresting!! - NYE Wedding Edition

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Oh That's Pinteresting!! - NYE Wedding Edition

hi - time for another round of - stuff Cassie pins on pinterest and she'll never do.
ha - like no joke.  oh all these house projects look awesome.
on pinterest.  and that's it.  whoops!
oh well, sometimes it's the stress reliever i need when i'm waiting for coffee to be made in the morning or when i decide the last 15 minutes of work that i just need to call it quits.
please, second that and let me know i'm not alone.
ANYWAYS - on to the pins....
my sister dropped a BOMB on us last night.
she wants to get married on NYE.  of THIS year.  so yeah in like 7 months.
but seriously how awesome does a NYE wedding sound?!
i have been pinning the shit out of stuff all day - i can see it now.  gold and black and white.  confetti.  champagne.  hats.  glitter.  wait, maybe i should ask the bride what she had in mind...  ha.
but i'm pretty sure if we all just comment and tell her how awesome and fun this looks, she'll agree!
how cute are these RSVP cards?!
yes - let's ring in the new year!
no - we will be partying from afar.
ummmm - adorable!
let's talk affordable decor.  gold mardi gras beads and some ribbon.  and those plates, swoon!
so instead of it saying table number it says resolution number.  then the number.  and then a resolution. (you know i have to type that out for those of you who can't see, oh cassie, get some more coffee....)
genius.  i tell you what pinterest.  you're good!
favors?  easy.  adorable.  and again, affordable!
and come on we know dad will make some koozies too.
yep yep, pretty sure this will be me.  ha - coors light and all!  i'm a classy gal like that.
ps - can we PLEASE get 2014 glasses sister?  PLEASE!  i'll pay for them!  seems like a legit wedding gift!
and well yes, pretty sure these are a major necessity.  love them!

ok and we need your honest thoughts.  danielle is worried people will be like a "NYE wedding, boo, i have other plans."  and i'm like NO WAY.  think of all the money a couple can save.  especially when they usually spend like a few hundo on food and drinks and going out that night.  think of it like a NYE party except for the food and booze  and music is free.  just bring a nice gift.  BOOM.  i'm there.  my kinda party honestly.
but for real - please weigh in.  on decor.  on your thoughts.  if you wouldn't go, why.  if you have been to a NYE wedding before.  anything!

ps - i have lost a couple followers this past week.
in the words of stella "what's up with that" oh well...
you win some you lose some.
happy wednesday.
i think i'm going to START packing tonight... whoops!
unless i feel the need to start pinning more wedding things on pinterest.......


Anonymous said...

I think it's a good idea and it sounds really fun! Count down at midnight with the newlyweds LOVE!!

2014 glasses are a MUST for the bridal party!

Anonymous said...

I think the whole thing is such a great idea! (so props to me ;) ) how fun tho! I think our family will love it!


Neri said...

I agree with you. I think a NYE wedding is perfect. For people who don't have HUGE social lives, planning for NYE doesn't have to be a pain. :)

Tamara @ Everything Happens said...

We got married on our dating anniversary date, but NYE was my second date choice! I absolutely love it! If she lets people know ahead of time, maybe a little more than the normal 4-6 weeks wedding invite time, she will probably have a lot of people on board. I'm like you - a free party with people I love? Does it get any better? Had I gone with that date, I was going to do dark navy blue and silver... not too NYE, but more wintery. I do love the black, silver and gold!

Dara said...

definitely sounds like a fun way to celebrate nye!

Adrien said...

I think it's a great idea, and with plenty of notice, I think everyone will love it! Sometimes I think "save the dates" are overkill, but in this case, probably a good idea! :)

The ONLY thing I thought of was keeping in mind future anniversaries. So long as the happy couple is cool with sharing their anniversary with a major holiday every year, it's all good!

Nikki said...

As a wedding planner, I think it sounds super fun! But, you have to let people know in plenty of time and be prepared for them to not come. travelling during the holidays is more expensive too, so just be ready and enjoy the folks who do come!

Beth said...

Decor is amazing - I love it all!! The only reason I wouldn't go to the reception is if I had some long-standing NYE tradition or something....which I, personally, don't - so I don't know how many people do? At any rate, I think it's a cute idea and would make planning/decorating so fun!

Kacie said...

This sounds like a blast!!!! Love the idea and all your Pinterest ideas :)