Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, March 11, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

let's get to it.  seeing you daughters face look like this.  i mean, come on.  i can't help but smile ear to ear every time i look at it.  sister got to hold a REAL new baby.  i mean - HOW COOL!
seriously she is obsessed with my cousin's new baby.  EVERY night she asks to look at pictures of her.  we get out the ipad, pull up FB, find Megan and PTL she has a whole album dedicated to her.
gah - happy Stella.  happy momma.  love this picture.
AND - Henry did really good with the baby too.  i held her and he just kept saying, 'bay-bay, bay-bay."
needlesss to say A LOT has changed for my kids when it comes to mommy holding a baby that's NOT them.  this was me still pregnant with Henry, holding my friend Kristen's new son Rowan.  Stella wasn't pumped.
after we got our baby fix the kids headed to dad's for the weekend.
Saturday morning i was up early to work at CK.  not going to lie when i say this happened again too:
later that night Katie and i had BLATE.  (blogger date)  ahhh - we were SO excited.  we met up with Sarah and Stephanie out in St. Charles and eat, drank and chat it up!  i LOVE being able to call them real friends now!!  Sarah is just adorable.  SO fun, adorable, kind, ahh we could have us a time.  Stephanie - homegirl and i could dominate us a blues game and some beers.  ha - she is too much.  ahhhh - i just LOVED it!!
Sunday morning i was back at ck to work.  afterwards i did the most dreading thing ever.....
grocery shopping
gah - you have no IDEA how much i hate grocery shopping.  i need to find someone to do this for me pronto.
THEN i got a call from josh that S&H were ready to come back to mommy!  holla.  so i high tailed my booty over there and picked up my babies early.  YAY!
nana come over when we got home and we played and played.  then we painted some portraits of our favorite texans.  yep, that's lacie on the left, phil on the right.  through the eyes of stella.  and yes those are phil's ears, not attached to his head......  ha.
now - we have our productive pants on for this week because boy we have a busy one!
first dentist appointment tomorrow.
play date with Faye and Kendra on Wednesday.
preschool screening Thursday.
doctor's appointments Friday.
here's to all of this going SMOOTH!!
have a great week!



The Pink Growl said...

So glad you had fun on your blate! It's always fun to people face to face and see what they are actually like. I gotta try this shower beer thing - I've thought of it before but only work days and I'm not sure I should try then haha Stella is a cutie pie, her little smile is presh!

Adrien said...

Aw, love the pictures! Are you going to preschool screening at the public school? We'll be there at 5:40! :)

keepingupwithkristen said...

Ah look at pregnant Cassie! So cute!! I'm jealous you went on a blate with someone besides me...super jealous. Does that make me a total creeper? Kinda, huh? Oh well.

You have a busy freakin' week! Good luck with all of that...you are SUPER MOMMA!

Anonymous said...

LET'S GO BLUES!!! Hahaha

soooo glad we met up!

Sarah said...

Ah it was so fun!! I am so glad we finally met up & it just makes me love ya even more :)

BAHA I love that picture of stella and the caption 'stella wasn't pumped' explains it all!!

Anonymous said...

haha pretty portraits, Stella! :)

I HATE grocery shopping also. It puts me in a 'mood' real fast.

Anonymous said...

Stella is a smart girl! Since she knows his ears aren't attached to his head, that must be the reason why he doesn't hear me every often. Also he said after she checked him last night & have him his shots he feel much better!

Neri said...

The baby is so precious. Now, Stella's cheeks!! OOh! LOVE THEM!!



Shannon Snodgrass said...

Stella's face is priceless! She looks so proud :-) The pic of Stella having meltdown is where we are at with Victoria right now. She flips her lid if anyone touches me, including daddy. We can't even hold hands. I try not to laugh because she is so serious, lol.
I feel ya on the grocery shopping. My issue is always thinking of new things and staying healthy. It stinks!!
Three cheers for shower beers!!!! I'm so gonna try this ;-)
Have a GREAT week!!!! XO

Kacie said...

Preschool screening?!?!?! Happy and sad all at once :)

Ashley said...

She is adorable!
Your blate sounded like fun!

Laura Darling said...

Looks like a great weekend! And that face Stella is making holding the baby is precious! :)