Let's Jam and Be Happy

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Let's Jam and Be Happy

hey guys!!  i'm in a great mood today.  so why not jam out.
i have been loving this song lately.
seriously - i'm ready to slap on my sunnies and head home jamming out.
and then head to the dentist.  gah.  actually i kinda like the dentist.  weird, i know.
stella's first visit is tonight.  say a little prayer for us.
oh and wana know what i did yesterday?  i made it official!!
the house that is.
ha - you all thought i was gona talk about something else huh??!
anyways - yes, i signed "the contract" for the house.  eeeee!
and to make myself even prouder (is it more proud or prouder?  regardless, i'm very proud of myself) i have been doing SO good on my no spend march that i didn't have to take ANY money out of my savings to put down for the contract.
yep!!  let me just reach over and pat myself on the back!!
and then continue to jam out!

ps - giveaway coming on the blog tomorrow.  yay!  see ya then!


Erin @ Keep Calm and Sparkle said...

Love that song!!!

Yay for you and no spend March and new house!!! I have failed no spend March - I shall try No spend April - but that's my bday month...May is vacation month...ok, so no spend June it is!!


The Pink Growl said...

I posted about this song today too! Love it! It's so fun! Congrats on signing on your house lil miss independent! Proud of you! XOXO

The Pink Growl said...

I am loving this song too - I posted about it today. It's so fun and catchy! I've been singing it for 2 weeks. Congrats on signing on your house honey - you absolutely deserve it! XOXO

Kim Luke said...

ahhhhh THIS IS AMAZING NEWS. I think we should celebrate!!!!

that is my FAV song right now!! LOVE it!!!

yay for giveaway!!!!!

Anonymous said...

OBSESSED with Downtown right now. I sing it over and over. It's what Single Ladies is to Stella hahah

SO proud!!! Good for you! Congratulations

Anonymous said...

Congrats sister! I'm very prouder of you! Good luck tonight I can't wait to hear about Stella's dentist appointment!

Kacie said...

Agreed, great song! And YAY on the house! I need to try this no spend month....I'm horrible!

Ashley said...

AWESOME news girl!! Yay to both signing AND not having to take anything from savings!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the contract for the house!!! Soooo exciting!