The Good Stuff

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Good Stuff

even with all the damn snow yesterday - we managed to successfully call it a good day.
here's why
when your morning starts off with one of these, you know it's going to be good.
i think this took two MAYBE three bites and it was just gone.  gone.
and then my co-worker alyssa let me try some of her AMAZING spaghetti squash.  oh my.  OH MY!
you need to check out her new blog here.  and then you need to make some spaghetti squash.
and then you need to invite us over because momma doesn't cook fancy shit like this.
hey aunt rachel if you are reading this - count me in on some squash this year please and thank you!  you know so i can give it to danielle so she can make it for us.  i'm not kidding danielle and i know you already know this.
wow - so so far my day is great because of food.  ayi yi yi.  swim suit season doesn't look promising....
so anyways - when your car ride home goes something like this...
you smile ear to ear the whole way home.  that boy.  he's too cute.
oh and when papa comes over and stella suggests going to DQ and your daughter quickly catches on to how good dipping your french fries into your ice cream really is.  even though it's not fair she totally just traded you this awesome goodness for her chocolate bar, you can't help but sit back and be happy that she has now discovered this amazing treat.
and then when sister decides around 8:30 at night she wants to have a swim suit fashion show, heck yeah!  i'm right there with you lady.  let me go get a nice summery drink!
look at that sassy hands on her hip action.  SMH little girl.
but wait i think our good stuff is dwindling over to today.  my little sister thought she'd be funny and post this transformation tuesday to her instagram.  she's the funniest little sister i have.
but i think the icing on the cake is when my son literally bent over this morning and farted.  straight up old man style.  with the look of, 'man that felt good' following it.  welcome to my life.
oh and y'all need to get in on this good stuff.  the new kasey musgraves album.  i've been jamming out to it on spotify ALL morning.  LOVE it!

what's your good stuff?


The Pink Growl said...

I just can't get over lil Stella in her sassy bathing suits! You're gonna have your hands full with that one! Hope that you are having a GREAT week!

Kacie said...

This post made me giggle a lot! Love it :)

Holly Higgins said...

Fries in the Frosty! Everyone I know is completely grossed out but it is the best!

Adrien said...

How did I miss this post today? So cute!! :) The girls had to watch the video, and for some reason any time Evie sees a picture of Stella now she calls her "Emily." ? So if we run into you and Evelyn calls out for Emily...she's just a bit confused. :)

Katie said...

That video is too cute! And now I'm really craving some french fries with ice cream...put it on my list of post pregnancy indulgences! So good!

Anonymous said...

Sassy swim suit pictures! Freaking adorable!