Friday Letters

Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Letters

hey guys!  sorry for kinda being MIA.
it's been a week.  at the beginning i was still stuffed up, no voice and on an emotional roller coaster.
add all those together and it's just better to not type anything and hit that orange publish up top.
you know if you don't have anything good to say don't say anything at all.
geesh am i growing up or something?  anyways.....
after three bloody noses, some sinus meds and a good long therapy session - i'm ok.
whew - closing one chapter, starting another.  HARD.  but we can do this.
i may need to buy stock in tissues but we can do this.
moving on to friday letters....
 dear TOMS - you are awesome!  stella got a new pair of pink sparkly TOMS from aunt lacie and not uncle phil for her birthday.  she didn't wear them right away.  i'd say she's been wearing them for a good month or so now.  anyways the other day i noticed they have a hole straight through them in the front.  i told my sister about them, she contacted TOMS, a couple of pictures and a copy of her receipt later and a brand new pair of TOMS are headed to stella.  that's amazing!!  thank you TOMS!

dear Scentsy - Sunny and Share, oh mah gawd.  so good.  get some.  now!

dear spring - i think i speak for the people who have this thought in their head, they just don't want to say it outloud, "where the fuck are you!?"  it's supposed to SNOW on sunday.  SNOW.  i don't think long underwear will go well with our easter outfits.  we're supposed to go to an easter egg hunt tomorrow.  good thing my children have snow suits...... ayi!

dear ITWorks - i've said it once and i'll say it again.  it works!  i did the greens mask last night.  it's supposed to help with skin tightening and acne scars.  i mean i'm not going to see acne scar results with one mask BUT my skin feels way tighter and SO soft!  not like joan rivers tight or anything, but a good tight.  i'm kinda addicted.....
i mean this is quite the turn on, right?!

dear march madness bracket - one of these years i swear we will win this.  i'm not doing horrible, 12 out of 16 so far.  BUT i had UNLV going pretty far.  and that's not going to happen anymore.  ugh.  come on kansas!

dear coral pants - you are SO cute in my drawer laying there screaming 'wear me.'  but why, why do i put you on and think nothing works with you.  maybe it's the pants.  maybe it's my legs.  maybe it's just me.  maybe it's the thought that always goes through my mind of 'does this make me look like a mom?'  help!

dear tent - this is really happening.  S&H are going to have one AWESOME easter gift.

dear awesome people out there - your private messages, texts, etc. saying positive, uplifting, awesome stuff to me MAKES my day.  and after the roller coaster i have been on this week they have helped me more than you will ever know!  thank you.  thank you!

have a great weekend y'all.  like i said we are headed to an easter egg hunt tomorrow (maybe we will see some of you).  could be interesting with this weather.  and we have a fun weekend planned because aunt danielle is coming to town!  yay.
see ya monday!


Anonymous said...

dislike the bad week :( hope everything is ok.

Very cool of TOMS to send Stella a new pair!

That is my thing with colored jeans I would have NO clue what to wear them with. That and I would probably laugh at myself every time I put them on.

The Pink Growl said...

You are so sexy in that mask! :) Hey I love you and I hope you find some time to enjoy yourself this weekend, because you really do deserve it! And I totally like the coral pants - when you have fat little tree trunk legs like mine then I will allow you to complain. haha

Tamara @ Everything Happens said...

I like the chambray top with the coral pants! I just bought some coral pants, too and I bet I'll have the same problem as you. I always feel like I have to wear a white shirt if I have a colored bottom!

Erin @ Keep Calm and Sparkle said...

I am LOVING the Scentsy Jet Set Go and A Wink & a Smile!! Yumm!!!

Sorry you had a craptastic week!! Hope you get some you time this weekend!!

LOVE the coral pants with the chambray top!! Rock it sister!! And we are suppose to get 9-12 inches of snow in KC!! STUPID!!!!


Sarah said...

:( im sorry you had a bad week!! You CAN do this sister!! You are way stronger than you even know!

First off, wear those pants with both those tops!! WAY CUTE!

secondly, i am loving those toms! I need some..NOW! pink & sparkly? Perhaps that should be my new addition.

Have a good weekend love! Cheers to next week being way better than this one!!

Esme said...

Sorry to hear about your bad week, hope it gets better. Maybe it'll start getting awesome with your weekend!

Yay for TOMS sending a new pair of shoes! Not many companies do that.

I feel you on the whole snow & spring situation. We are expecting snow this weekend as well. We got some flurries yesterday but nothing major. So much for it being the first day of spring!

Katie said...

Sorry you had a bad week :( hopefully the weekend will help give things a jump start and next week will be much better!

I'm with you on spring...I'm over wearing a winter I haven't had to buy a maternity coat yet and I'm not about to buy one for the last 3 weeks of my it needs to WARM UP!

Adrien said...

I was wondering where you were. Sorry you had such a poopy week. :( The girls were at the egg hunt today, but I wasn't...I was really bummed about that.

Did you see what the weather is supposed to be like by next Saturday?? 64 degrees...seriously...Midwest...stick to one personality, please. (Hope the temps hold up for Easter!)

The Cavallaro's said...

Just stumbled across your blog... and i'm glad Stella is getting a brand new pair of Toms! I can't believe they got a hole in the front after barely wearing them! And I am OBSESSED with those coral pants (where did you get them?) I like the outfits that you put together with them!! Sorry to hear about your bad week!