Random Wednesday

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Random Wednesday

well hey!
long time no post.  momma is busy.  i know i know, lousy excuse.
so i'm linking up here today because i have nothing but a bunch of randos for you.
first off this little boy of mine is one talking fool.  i just LOVE it.  he says SO much.
bubba is the baby sitters's husband.  and henry just loves him!
sorry about the cookie talk.  lol.  but seriously - how cute is he??

so we DVR the ellen show every day, it's like my therapy.  i laugh.  i cry.  i love it.  and you know i love me some therapy.  i try to watch it every night - you know that's whenever we aren't watching daniel tiger.  anyways, she is having people send in their talents.  there was a lady on there the other day with the longest tongue EVER.  stella talks about it ALL the time now.  last night i bet we looked in the mirror and stuck our tongues out for a good couple of minutes.  did anyone else see that lady's tongue?!  crazy!
so of course i totally tweeted this picture to ellen.  ha!

and i totally feel like i can't link up with shanna without an OOTD picture.  i mean seriously, i'd just take HALF of shanna's closet.  i love her style!  and yes, of course my OOTDs are of black and more black.  ha.

still house hunting.  gah - i'm SO torn.  do i go for the house that is completely move in ready and adorable but kinda at the max of my budget.  or the house i can get for cheap but needs some major love.  like no joke, new kitchen and all.  ahhhh.  it's almost march.  that means only three more months to decide.  anyone know of anything for sale?

happy wednesday.  i think momma needs a marg tonight!!


keepingupwithkristen said...

Loved the videos! Who is this Daniel character he's speaking of?! And why didn't he say "Kristen" or even "KD"...gonna need you to fix that! : )

You'll find the perfect house, I just know it. There are a few for sale here in Augusta...just sayin!

Kimberly Nagel said...

You can get cabinets and stuff for cheap. Check out Norms Bargin Barn in Belleville. Id do cheap. Make it your own, exactly what you want. You can take a loan out for more for reno also. There is another place in Collinsville that has discounted cabinets, sinks, all that crap too.

Shannon Snodgrass said...

Henry is to.die.for! He is so adorable. Makes you just want to snuggle him :)

LOVE the Ellen show! Kinda bummed we don't have a DVR anymore. We have been cable free for 35 days and I'm still alive, lol. Trying the free tv thing for some unknown reason??!!?? Not quite sure what we were thinking, lol.

Sarah said...

The one that needs love! You can make it your own! You know you will wanna change things about any house you get into & this way you will have more moolah for changes.

PS SO LOVING that floral shirt in the second pic! Hot mama!

Anonymous said...

hahah the tongue picture is too funny. Stella looks like she is loving every second of it!

I say get the house at the top of your budget. I think in the end it will be less money spent and way less aggravation.

The Pink Growl said...

your wittles are soooo cute Cass!

Christine Pettijohn said...

I would go with the cheaper one and then over time you can add your own style to it by updating it. Plus, like Kim said you can find stuff pretty cheap/reasonable if you shop around.

Kim Luke said...

Why isn't he saying Kim???
Heni, you are so handsome. that smile just makes me melt every single time!!!

I love that every picture you posted is from Kim's closet. :) I need to find a friend with a shopping problem and make her have a intervention. lol

Meg {henninglove} said...

the videos are so cute!! i love the photo of the two of you sticking your tongue out, so adorable!

Adrien said...

I would try to haggle an awesome deal on the move-in ready house, haha. ;) Did you see Stephanie Lerch's house for sale?

I'm starting to not feel guilty AT ALL when I don't blog for a day. Life is nuts and sometimes boring. And that's it. :)

Katie said...

Love the way Henry said Momma :) too cute!

We're right with you on the house thing...I'd love to just be able to move in somewhere and not have to worry about fixing anything but the monthly mortgage payments on those houses just kills me!