Friday Cheer!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday Cheer!

the best way to spread friday cheer - is singing loud for all to hear!
no joke y'all i have so much good stuff to share today.
first off, we got a snow day yesterday.  and hello, who doesn't love snow days?!!?
seriously it's hard NOT to be like this all day on snow days!
happy - in our jammies - lounging around - life is good.

so let's talk about how awesome my boss/job/work is.
one of the project manager's i work for has been out in washington state on vacation.  her girlfriend was supposed to fly out yesterday so they can legally get married today.  well - snowmagedon happened and her flight got cancelled.  my boss and the awesome people here did everything in their power to get the gf a flight out so they can and WILL get married today.  seriously - tears galore.  some people are just awesome!!
i could not be more happy and excited for my co-worker and her gf!!

what else is good?  this time next week lacie and phi will be home.  HOLLA!!
look at them cute lil texans!

and to make sure they get attention before lacie and phil come home, danielle and tate are coming in town tomorrow to hang with us.  mostly to have a slumber party and break in the new easy bake oven while mommy goes to her first blues game of the season.  what what!!  yup.  11 rows off the ice behind the net that the blues shoot at twice.  go big or go home people.  so excited!!  LGB!

alright - ready for more great stuff.  it's fish fry night!!!  ha.

oh and you know what else - last weekend an awesome blog reader told me about how she used to get bloody noses a lot too until she started putting vaseline in her nose every night before bed.  hasn't gotten one since.  no joke i have been doing this since the day after she told me this.  i'm addicted   and (knock on wood) i haven't had a bloody nose yet this week.  thank you ms. coop!!

oh yeah and tomorrow, katie and i along with S&H are heading down to cape to see our favorite limbaughs!!  kristen is clearly SUPER excited.  lol.

and wait for it - wait for it - a house deal could be happening like SOON!!
ahhhhhh - i'm over the moon, can hardly contain myself, excited!!
so fingers crossed please.  send good house vibes my way.  please and thank you!

have a great weekend!!  be safe in all this snow.


Shannon Snodgrass said...

YAY for you and all your awesome news! Fingers crossed and mucho good house vibes sent your way!! Are you going for the fixer upper or the move in ready? Staying in RB?? I'm feeling like this is an episode of House Hunters, hahaha! I can't wait to see which one you pick. I'm excited for y'all!! Enjoy your weekend :-)

Anonymous said...

Stella in that top picture cracks me up! She looks super excited for a snow day.

So much good stuff going on!!!!

Kacie said...

Love, love, love all this good news!!! I wanna see Lacie!!! We will be in Tunica Thursday - Saturday...

Kim Luke said...

ahhh. love this. love all of it!

Hope to see you tomorrow!!
Can't wait to hear more about the house!

happy Friday!

Adrien said...

Glad you're so happy. :) Hope you get the house you want!

Anonymous said...

So happy to hear about the no more bloody noses! Thanks for the shout out :) I may be addicted to it, but I never have bloody noses! Best of luck on the house!! So exciting!

Anonymous said...

Yay for no more bloody noses! Thanks for the shout out :) Vasoline has saved my life. lol Best of luck on the house! So exciting!!