Christmas Wrap Up

Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Wrap Up

well, Christmas 2012 was a HUGE success for us!!  this guy did us good.
and yes that's the Santa that our town has.  he looks crazy real and is just SO dang good.  totally makes me believe!  anyways, let's start with Friday   S&H had their party at Connie's and I got these adorable pictures from her.
happy kids that's for sure!!  they were off to daddy's for the weekend and aunt Danielle was on her way home.  we headed out to dinner for my sister's birthday and then to the casino.  because it's not a Steibel birthday until you celebrate it at the casino.
Saturday i worked at CK and the best photographers ever called me and said they were stopping by because they had a little Christmas present for me.  i mean HOW cute are these ornaments!  i LOVE them!!
thank you again to everyone at Creative Bent!!
Saturday night Danielle and i finished up some Christmas shopping.  we made the mistake of going to the mall and no joke it took us 25 minutes to get out of the parking lot.  crazy!
Sunday i was back to CK and i came home to a sweet smelling house.  i LOVE when my sister comes out and cooks.  my oven loves it too.  it's the only time it gets ANY attention.  lol.
Sunday night Danielle and Lacie waited at my house for S&H to come back.  everyone was SO excited to see them!!  Stella jumped right on in to helping her favorite aunts cook while Henry cuddle up to momma and zonked out.  happy everyone.
Monday morning we met papa for breakfast and CK and Stella got a pretty awesome Christmas tree pancake.
we headed home and attempted naps before we had to head to my dad's for Christmas but that didn't happen.  so we took baths and got ready.  Stella let me straighten her hair and oh my goodness she looked SO grown up.  i loved it.  and i secretly think she did too.  lol.
the kids opened a ton of presents at my dad and Pam's house and before we knew it they had the hang of this whole present thing!  Henry of course just sat back and hammed it up.  lol.  man i love that kid.
before we knew it, it was time to head to Nana's for Christmas eve mass.  we always go to the children's mass because then my children aren't the only ones making noise.  kidding.  they were really good.  in fact Henry slept through most of it and Stella was great!
after mass we headed to Gma and Gpa Steibels for dinner and even MORE presents!!
even though our family just keeps getting bigger and bigger we all still manage to fit in Gma and Gpa's basement and i just love it!!  my cousin has twin girls and Stella and the twins all got aprons that they just loved.  they were the cutest things ever!!
PS - look at Stella.  hand on her hip.  arm around her cousin.  too funny.  too cute Stella.
we played and played there all night.  everyone had a blast and zonked out not even five minutes after we left.  once we got home and everyone went to bed "Santa" did her work and then called it a night too.
Nana and aunt Lacie were over bright and early on Christmas morning and we torn into some presents.  we made breakfast and just enjoyed the great company.  daddy came over to get the kids around ten and they were off to open even more presents with him for the rest of the day.  we hung out around the house, ate and decided that bloody marys were a great idea.  lol.  and boy were the ever!  S&H came back the next day and we tried out all the new toys.  i have to say the picnic table from Nana is quite the hit.
we hope everyone had a great Christmas   from the looks of FB there were a lot of sick babies out there and i am extremely thankful that we just had runny noses, i can handle just boogers.
have a great weekend!!


Kim Luke said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend!!!
Gotta love the picnic table in the kitchen. it's where mine is every winter too! haha

lovie that last picture!
Sunday Funday?! I'll need it after my weekend. LMK!

The Pink Growl said...

AHHH your babies & their smiles!! So cute! I ate enough cookies since the week before Christmas to fill a warehouse. This chubby bunny has got to get it together for Nashville! Love ya!

Beth said...

That last picture is too much! I have a similar one of my brother and I when we were little....but every time I suggest we recreate it, I get threatened with punches. Sheesh...boys.