Thanksgiving Wrap Up

Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving Wrap Up

holy smokes this long weekend was everything i needed!  we got some much needed R&R.
it had it's highs and lows but all in all, perfect!
ps - i thought about this for our Christmas card but then i realized you can tell Henry isn't wearing any pants (which to some people is completely normal) and i kinda look like i have a lazy eye.  hmmmm..
thumbs up or thumbs down people??
moving on to the wrap up.....
i got off work a little early on Wednesday so i headed to do some shopping for a wedding this weekend.  i put this picture on instagram and it looks like the dress on the right is what i should wear.  thoughts?
Wednesday night is the wild night to go out.  but i'm pretty cool with having a night in with S&H.
especially when henry puts on a fashion show for us.
i mean could he get any cuter??  i die buddy!  lovie!!  especially with the football in hand.  like i said, football star in the making!!  we woke up Thursday morning and didn't have to be anywhere until noon so we decided to put up the tree.  Henry was walking around the house going 'yay' and clapping.  homeboy is excited about Christmas.  lol.  i love it!
i got the tree, josh got the ornaments.  so this year i have the giving tree.  it will take any Christmas decor/ornaments it's given.  so if you have some old ornaments you don't want, my tree would show them some much needed love.  it even has a Mexican tree skirt, it's crazy cute!  after we got all our decor up we changed clothes and headed to my dad's for thanksgiving.
and it was amazing!  Stella sat with the big kids and cleaned her plate and just did awesome!  yay!
Henry on the other hand came down with a fever and he wanted nothing more but to lay and cuddle with momma.  fine by me!!  we hung out there a good majority of the day until the kids had to meet dad for thanksgiving with his family.
then i met up with my mom and sister to go see a movie.  we kinda have this tradition to see a movie on either thanksgiving day night or Christmas day night and believe it or not the theater is PACKED.  we saw 'Lincoln' and my goodness i would totally recommend it.  a little slow in the beginning and it's over two hours long but it's good!!  the last movie i went to i was pregnant with Stella and fell asleep during it.  whoops!
Friday morning was like early Christmas for me.  my washer and dryer was still at Josh's house and i got it back!!  my word i think i did six loads of laundry that day.  it was great!!  Danielle came in later that night and we met up with Manda and went out for a bit.
Saturday morning i got my hair did by Erin and she FOUND A GRAY!!  not ok.  26 this isn't cool!!  i handle this by indulging in some much need retail therapy with my sisters.  once we got back we made a bunch of appetizers, watched some football, wrapped presents and called it a night.  it was perfect!
Sunday morning i headed to Josh's to pick the kids up.  and boy oh boy was i in for a surprise!!  or maybe another gray hair.....
Stella started telling me how she got to meet daddy's girlfriend and her son last night.
did you all read that right?
17 days after your divorce is final.  some would say that's a little soon.....
but we didn't let that bother us.  it's nothing we can undo.
so we did what makes us happy and surrounded ourselves with good family and great food and headed out for another thanksgiving at the deterdings.  the kids played and played.  we even got in a little photo session.
i love this picture!!  even Henry is smiling.  yay!!
mom and dad this could be coming to a picture frame near you soon - get excited!!
once we had full bellies we headed to mom's house to help her put up her tree and eat some delicious chicken and dumpling.  happy everyone!
we made it home, took baths, played and called it a great weekend!


Adrien said...

I think the first picture would make a great Christmas card! And I LOVE the last one, too! I've said it a million times, but you have a great family and support system behind ya, girly. :)

Hey, will we be seeing you at the Knights of Columbus Christmas this weekend?

Anonymous said...

I like the first picture as a Christmas card. Very cute.

Both dresses are cute. I like the left one more

Henry is too cute in his little blazer!!

Ohhh you overachievers putting up your Christmas tree over Thanksgiving break. I'm still debating if ours is going up. hah

Your Saturday night sounds perfect especially with chef Danielle involved!

LOVE the last picture. VERY cute!!

Kim Luke said...

I have a ass ton of ornaments you can have! I change the color of our tree seriously every other year.

Lovie that pic of you & S&H. I would have never noticed that he wasn't wearing pants. not surprised though. lol

Love that picture of your sisters and S&H too! I think that would make a awesome Xmas card to your family!

Kacie said...

Holy cuteness with that blazer! Henry looks like a little man!

Christmas card picture looks adorable! Along, with the last one with your sisters!

Remember, I love you and you deserve the very best! :)

The Pink Growl said...

That last picture is soooo cute! I loved it! I know that this is a confusing time for you after finding this stuff out, but just listen to our breakup cd and honey you will be saying BYE BYE BYE! :)

Laura said...

Love Love LOVE the first picture! Definitely should be your Christmas card! I like the dress on the right too. Sorry for exhubs g/f bs already. Really?! But I love the pic of you & your sisters (& of course your wee ones). You girls are so sweet & loved seeing you out this weekend!

keepingupwithkristen said...

I love Stella's smile in that last picture! I also love how she is filling mommy in on the latest gossip -- I wonder if he knows she shared that information with you?! I think the first picture is great...don't even go there with the lazy eye thing : ) I'll show you a picture of a REAL lazy eye!! haha Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

Katie said...

Sounds like a great holiday overall...people are gonna make the decisions they're gonna make and all you can do is what's best for you and your kids and that's exactly what you're doing!

And if it makes you feel any better, I've been finding gray hairs on Jake's head since last July...when he was 21. I guess I'm to blame for that :)

Kim Luke said...

how did i forget to comment about the gray hair!!!!!
we just talked about this like a week or two again!!!!!
I don't want to get old!!!

Shannon Page said...

Such a beautiful family:) Your tree looks awesome!!

Karen A. said...

Such cute pictures! Beautiful family :)