We Have To Talk About It...

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

We Have To Talk About It...

today marks a very important day.
some may not know of the days importance and some may.
for those of you who don't, your world is about the be changed.
a few years back my sister introduced me to someone.
someone who i literally did not know existed.
it was my sister's alter-ego.
also known as 'Danielle the Pirate.'
yes yes, my sister was the first to inform me that September 19 is:
i'm not joking it really does exist.  even krispy kreme gives away free donuts on this day!
but back to danielle......
she's the first to text you good morning in true pirate fashion.
the first to call you on the phone and greet you with ahoy matey.
ha and you better believe she is strutting around work today wearing something along the lines of red, back and stripes.  not sure if she braved the eye patch.  i mean she hasn't been there that long.
maybe next year.
i'm always on the look out for a good parrot for her too.  lol.
and this my friends is why we love her.
she's "unique" but keeps us laughing and we just love it!
this is for you sister!

see ya tomorrow ya mangy cockroaches!


Katie said...

I heard Mason & Remy talking about it being National Talk Like a Pirate Day this morning and it made me think of Danielle hahahah

Laura said...

Ha ha ha! My blog is about the same thing today! Too funny! LOVE IT! :)

Beth said...

Apart from using "yer" and "ye"....all of those rules describe my day to day interactions with others on a very consistent basis. Should I be upset or okay with that?

Sarah said...

Hahaha I love this! I had never heard of this 'holiday' until today when they were talking about it on the radio today!