Happy People

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Happy People

it doesn't take much in this family to make us happy.
usually the words 'ice cream' do it.
especially the words 'dairy queen,' 'papa' and 'aunt lacie.'
yes we are making her soak up as much S&H time as possible before she leaves.
ok ok, and i'm not complaining either - i love me some sister time!

however, recently for S&H popsicles seem to be the secret to happiness.
every night right after bath time.
and let me tell you stella NEVER forgets what time it is.
popsicle time.
a purple one - every.single.night for stella.
and yes even henry has one in his hand - homeboy goes to town on a popsicle.
the bag ones from aldis.  like two bones.  sweet!  introduce your kids - pronto.
ps - when there's only like four purple ones, i have to sometimes pretend to stella that blue or red is purple.
ha - poor girl is probably SO confused when it comes to colors.  lol.
ptl henry is easy going.  even though he gets the sucky part of the deal.  yellow or green.  sorry buddy.
your time is coming where you can have a say on which one you want too.

even though both of these things bring complete happiness to S&H AND mommy, even if i only get about two drinks of a chocolate shake, or maybe four licks of an ice cream cone and usually not even a bite of a popsicle - who taught these kids to share?  lol.
mommy sometimes gets to enjoy things all to herself.
like Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Lattes.
sorry S&H i'm not introducing you to these JUST yet.
i made that mistake with the sweet tea.  SMH.

and see, just like that everyone is happy.
much better today.
ok ok, the fact that Parenthood is back on NBC makes me happy too.
anyone else cry like a damn baby last night?!  god i love that show!

anyways, today's going to be a good day!!
let's do this!


Adrien said...

We are popsicle addicts here, too. And yes, we love the Aldi ones! Definitely helps us to save money on our sno-cone cravings all summer. :D

Kim Luke said...

my kids hate ice cream and popcsicles. wtf.
more for momma i guess.

love your dark polish. i need to get mine changed soonish!

Katie said...

hahah the first picture of Henry cracks me up!! Happy boy!