Baby See, Baby Do

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Baby See, Baby Do

wait - not really babies anymore.
of course my bff and i just do everything together, right bff?  bahaha.
not really.  but there's a handful of really opened minded people who believe that.
she was prego with landon and i was there the day he was born.
funny funny girl thought she'd say, you're next.
little did i know just standing there that day i was in fact, knocked up.
yep immaculate conception right there.  bahaha.  jk.
8 months later landon's future wife was born, ms. stella.
yes, since we tell each other what to do - we are telling our kids they have to marry each other.
i mean come on - they'd have some CUTE kids.
next thing we knew we didn't have one year olds and that damn baby fever was getting us.
momma won this race and got knocked up first.
and because god works in mysterious ways, my bff was prego about four weeks later.
hey we didn't do this stuff on purpose.  for real.  blame the big man upstairs.
anyways, henry george was born on august 30 and his future wife wasn't due for WEEKS later.
wouldn't ya know once her momma told her how cute henry was she was ready to see it for herself.
which brings us to today!
one year ago today my future daughter in law was born - absolutely perfect!!
most would think we have savings accounts for these four children, but no, we just have wedding funds.
yep, one for landon and stella, one for henry and layla.
you should google their pages.  bahahahah - totally kidding.
i mean come on how could i NOT want these two to marry my kids.
presh.  omg.  presch.  i just lovie them!!
so anyways....
happy happy birthday to ms. layla!!
or as my children prefer to call her, lala.
we love love love love love you!!  have a great birthday with your family at CEC!
many many more pretty girl!!

kim - we do NOT have babies anymore!!!  wahhhhh.

and just in case i need to prove that i officially do not have a baby anymore.....
HG went for his 12 month check up today.
23 POUNDS!!!
bahahaha oh Henry.  you are a solid boy.
and 30 inches tall, or as i prefer 2 feet 6 inches.
healthy as ever and growing right on track.
like i said - football star in the makingggggg!!
happy momma.
happy thursday!!


Kim Luke said...

Awwww!!! I love this post!
You are right, we definitely do not have babies anymore! So sad, but they are Sooo much fun! Even if they are a lot of the reason why we drink! ;)
Lovie you!

Adrien said...

Those are some cute babies!! :) That's funny if people think you planned your pregnancies together. There are some things you have control over and some...ya definitely don't! :D

Katie said...

Love this! Happy Birthday Lala!!!!