Wrap Up and It's Oks!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Wrap Up and It's Oks!

happy margarita thursday!!
one week left.
one week until i have a one year old.
gahhh!  still can't believe it.
last night's ball game was a success.
we had one happy heni!!
ignore the huge vain in my head and the fact that i look like i have a black eye.
it's scary, i know.  moving on....
if you haven't seen via instagram yet you can have ONE guess as to what kind of shirt stella wore.
yep - a flag shirt.
what else would she wear?!
little stinker!!
the kids did great!  they enjoyed some good food and fresh air and bateball (according to stella).
we even saw fredbird - and yes homegirl STILL wasn't a fan.
S&H even got some much needed Daddy time in too.
bahahaha, henry looks thrilled in that picture on the left.  lol.
but maybe the best part was running into stella's BFF Ali
there was two VERY tired girls at connie's this morning, hands down.
all in all it was a good evening!

and now for some link up action:
it's ok.... that i had two long john donuts this morning for breakfast.  i enjoyed every.single.bite.
sorry bff i'm sure that's not nice compared to your cottage cheese you have to eat today.  lol.
it's ok.... that i am horrible at coordinating outfits for my kids pictures.
we have pictures on saturday for henry's 12 month session.
no one will match, hands down.  i suck at that kinda thing.
it's ok.... that i have eaten out for at least one meal every day this week.
and i have to get in a swim suit on saturday!!  FML.
it's ok.... that i wish i knew more STL bloggers so we could have a meet up and be cool like everyone else.  right now i "know" three.  hey, we could make that fun!  just add drinks, right?!
it's ok.... that i haven't been out for a margarita thursday in WEEKS.  i might even be scared to find out what one would do to me!!  ladies, we need a BNO asap!!
it's ok.... that i know no one playing high school football this year and yet i want to go to the games.
ha - stella does love her some football and shit henry will be pro before we know it.  might as well go!
it's ok.... that henry started wearing shoes the past couple of days.  and i don't for one second even think about putting socks on him.  ha.  sorry kids, i just hate socks.
it's ok.... that i have yet to put henry's birthday present together yet.  it's a work bench.
lawd knows if i start putting it together what it would look like.  lol.
it's ok.... that i REALLY want to start putting fall stuff out.  i said i'll wait until september.  only 8 more days!

alright - that's it for today!!
off for some more coffee, and maybe donut #3, maybe......


The Independent Spinster said...

Psh...I've had donuts for breakfast every morning this week. People keep bringing them into the office and I am just TOO WEAK.

Katie said...

YaY successful cards game!!
I'm 26 and I'm still not a fan of Fredbird. I don't like people in costumes/mascots. Creepy!!

Yummm long johns! :)

Ohhh the girl that I recently did a guest post for she is traveling for work a lot and she will be in St. Louis in Sept. When I read this yesterday I literally said SHUT UP SHUT UP at my desk. If she has time maybe a small blogger meet up??!

sblind2 said...

Brody still has shoes for sale if you're (Henry) interested!! =)

Chelsea said...

Cute blog!!!! Margarita Thursday, heck YES! :-) Can't wait to read more!

Laura said...

Speaking of Fred Bird - Bart referred to him as "the big red chicken" a few years ago at a game. It was the funniest thing ever!

Oh & football - you should go, why you ask? Well your cousin (Steve) will be broadcasting play by play/analysis on the Sparta radio station for the Red Bud football team this year! How exciting is that?

Melissa Cheek said...

I love the flag shirt! We definitely wear a lot of americana stuff in this house! Football games are the best, hope to see you guys out at the games, we will be at all of them!

Nicholl Vincent said...

you guys are adorable!

Have a great night! Stop by nichollvincent.blogspot.com and say hello! :)

Kim Luke said...

Hope you enjoyed those donuts. bish!

Agreed, BNO soon.

I'm down for margs this Thursday. mommy date night!?!

Kacie said...

Love the ball game pictures!! So freaking cute!!! Aww, a work bench?! Brent will be so proud! :)