Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, August 27, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

good morning pretties!!
it's rainy and yucky out and i swear everyone i know is sick.
my eyes are burning and my nose is running.
i've had like four bloody noses this weekend.
my goodness!!
oh well - i can't get down in the dumps it's BIRTHDAY week for Henry!!
let's first wrap up the weekend!
friday night aunt danielle came in town.
it was josh's weekend and he was nice enough to let me take the kids to the football game.
so we packed everyone up and headed over.
henry was a dancing fool to the band playing.
and stella just liked clapping every time there was something exciting.
we stayed until a little bit after half time and then had a sleepy henry so we headed back.
my hickey bestie kristen was in town also.
or as stella preferred to call her, christmas.  lol.
we swapped clothes and tvs and enjoyed some dicarlos.
she conked out on us but danielle and i stayed up and had some fun!
i like it when danielle comes to town with her party pants on!
saturday morning i was up bright and early to head to CB for Henry's 12 month pictures!!
oh my word they are going to be great!!
sneak peek you ask!?  OK!
of course brother couldn't be the ONLY one getting all the camera attention.
this might be my favorite outfit of all:
ha, and just a typical Heni look.  lol.
after pictures everyone was ready for a nap!
and momma was off to boating with the girls!!
the water was a little chilly, but the sun felt great.
and we got rained on about four times.
but all in all it was SO much fun!!
LOVE these girls.
the night was a long one but SO much fun!!
sunday morning i was looking forward to seeing.
the steibel family was making apple butter!!
good ole fashioned, make in the kettle, stir for hours, only make it when the moons, right apple butter.
worth every hour you are there.
unless you have kids, then your sisters rock and just get some jars for you!!
all in all it was a GREAT weekend!!

and now like i said, birthday week starts for Henry George!!
maybe some oil spill sno cones tonight to kick it off right!
hope everyone had a good weekend.


Cait said...

aww your little one is so cute! so happy i came across your blog too! i cant wait to read more in the future! if you're interested, i'm hosting a giveaway that ends Friday (vera braldy and starbucks are some of the prizes) i think you'd be interested in! have a great monday! xo

Beth said...

Uh oh, an EIU hoodie? Do I spot a fellow alum in that last pic? :)

Sami said...

Loving Henry's cute pictures and loving that hot pink bikini missy! Looks like a great time :)

Adrien said...

We came back your way Friday night after we made a lap around, but you were already gone. We only show up AFTER half time most of the time, haha. Mmm...that apple butter has me craving Fall even more!