Birthday Week - Day 2

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Birthday Week - Day 2

of course we started birthday week of right.
ice cream and paw paw.
paw paw may have got the largest ice cream cone i have ever seen.
and S&H weren't shy about helping him eat it.
that is once homegirl would put down her/mommy's chocolate shake.
ha guilty of both the ice cream cone mustache AND chugging my shake.
so today we are going to talk about presents.
what in the world do you get a one year old boy?
besides an unlimited amount of dairy queen gift cards. lol.  kidding.
well - coming from Henry he would say - BOY TOYS!!
i think he is OVER playing with girl toys.  lol.
he's known to be found chewing on sister's fake make up brushes, carrying around a baby doll, trying to chew the leg off of a my little pony, wearing necklaces and drinking out of pink/purple cups.
he loves cars, which is why we are having a Cars birthday.
and he really could use the Cars Movies, Cars or Cars 2.
i think sister would enjoy that too.
if anyone else has any good boy first birthday ideas PLEASE let me know.
he doesn't need clothes thanks to his extremely well styled older friends.
landon, tyson and brody.
so what did mommy get the birthday boy??
a work bench duh!
mommy needs a handy man around the house.
and as much as he loves playing with his sisters kitchen, i think he needs a more manly piece of furniture.
so the work bench is just perfect!
i think after the party on sunday i am going to need a bigger house.
the merging of a ton of girl and boy toys is going to be interesting!!


The Independent Spinster said...

OMG...Stella's face in that picture!!

"Go ahead...try taking it"

Adrien said...

I think that's a perfect gift! I would definitely get the first Cars movie. :)

Brandy said...

Love the work bench! Perfect gift! We just celebrated my little guy's first birthday too. I'm still recovering from the party!

Sarah said...

Blocks. Boys love the blocks. Logan sits & plays with them for hours. Pretty sure DG even has a bag for $5 ;)