Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, July 30, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

before i link up for my weekend wrap up we have some business to take care of.
happy 11 months to henry today!!
holy smokes.
ONE more month until i have a ONE YEAR OLD.
my word!!  how did that happen?
i love you like crazy baby boy.
i am SO excited for your Cars birthday party and can't wait til you start walking.
no joke it's going to happen SOON!!
mom and dad love you SO much!!
ps - we are going to have quite the week for birthdays.
11 months for Hen today, 50 years for my Dad tomorrow, AND 2.5 years for Stella on Thursday.
i need a drink!!  lol.
on to the weekend - linking up with these girls:
friday was low key.
laundry, playing, wagon rides, relaxing.
much needed.
saturday i was up bright and early to work at ck.
the kids were off to visit all the grandmas.
everyone crashed for a nice late afternoon nap and then we were off to the picnic for some dinner.
danielle and tate came in town which was a nice surprise for everyone and joined us for dinner.
of course along with lacie and phil too.
nothing too wild and crazy came out of a night in rocher.  ha.
sunday i was off again to ck to make some nice moo-lah.
and it rained - amen!!
there were more late afternoon naps and then DiCarlos and wagon rides and bubbles.
thank you rain for making it nice to be outside.
all in all a low key weekend.
bring on the celebration week!!


Kim Luke said...

Missing me some S&H!! Glad you had a good weekend! Sounds relaxing!!!

Still laughing at "that was cool never" Lol!

Adrien said...

No way is he going to be a year old already!! Eeep - get ready for life with two walkers. Hehehe...

Brandy said...

That picture is awesome! What a smile!