Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, June 25, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

i'd like to refer to myself as super mom after this weekend.
i managed to take my kids to the picnic every night this weekend.
i wouldn't really say alone, because i have great family who is always willing to help.
but when you put to mind i had one kid who can't walk and one night we didn't bring his stroller.
one kid who can't make up her mind if she likes the rides or not.
AND gets the sudden urge to just wana be held because she is 'scared' of the rides.
it's super fun.
needless to say i learned how to eat a cheeseburger in five bites or less, while holding a kid at the same time.
and balancing on a picnic table.
while making sure my daughter doesn't drop her hot dog on the ground.
and opening ketchup packets with my mouth.
yeah - i think i get super mom status after this weekend.
anyways, friday we decided about 30 minutes before the race that we were going to do a 5k.
this was my second 5k pushing a double stroller.  AND i even ran a good part of it.
of course S&H were thrilledddddd......
ha - but they sure are the best troopers.
henry of course zonked out, because he always does when we are in the stroller.
and stella just wanted to go back to the park.
ok and she wanted a sno cone.
and she wanted to know where dean and phil went.  oh and the babies too.
i swear the girl asked 3589233298980 questions on this 5k.
trying to answer questions while running and pushing a double stroller.
again with the super mom stats.
after the race we headed to the picnic to eat and try out the rides.
homegirl sat right next to ty and she was feeling ok about the cars.
once the ride started all hell broke loose.
and yes i was that mom who told the carnie NOT to stop the ride.  she will be fine.
bad parent or just not giving into homegirl when she cries and thinks she gets her way.
trust me, she was fine and i'm sure isn't scarred for life.
tough love in this house i tell ya.
after that homegirl was over the rides and ready to go home.
saturday henry was up at 552 and stella at 630.
you can get a lot of shit down before 900 when your kids get up that early.
trust me.
someone's awfully happy for it being the ass crack of dawn.
good thing he's cute.
we of course had breakfast at ck and then headed to waterloo to swim.
we met the lukes and the bradleys.
ha we totally had the crying kids who didn't want to get in the water for the first 15 minutes.
we MAY have ruined a few people's mornings, but after everyone calmed down we had water babies.
once we got home we crashed for THREE HOURS.
oh man it was the best.
i think we all had that hard sleep where your mouth is even open and everything.  we were whooped.
once we got up, back outside we went.
we played for a bit then headed up to the picnic again.
this time homegirl actually ASKED to ride one of the rides.
and she loved it!
i asked her if she wanted to ride it again, and got a quick, no.
ha - at least it's some progress.
it was a short night at the picnic and the rest of it was spent at home playing.
sunday everyone was up by 700.
seven, i will take.  especially over 552.
by 730 we had breakfast and were headed to the park.
i think homeboy could swing all day if i'd let him
happy heni!!
after the park we walked and then took our weekly sunday target trip.
we got back and had DQ with lacie and phil and then got ready for the parade.
holy hot parade!  but i will have to say it was a good one!
my kids were troopers (thanks to randy for bringing a fan!)
and of course we have a ton of candy.
and plenty of skittles.
we hung out with lacie's friends for a bit after the parade and then headed to the picnic for food and rides once again.
my kids were pretty much over being outside about five minutes after being up there.
so we ate fast and then i carried them both back home.
six blocks - 20 pounds each - BURNING arms.  ha.
like i said - i think i get super mom props.
we got home and crashed at 830 and no one made a sound until 545 this morning.
hope you all had a good weekend!!


The Independent Spinster said...

Sure...come on my blog talking smack about being able to handle the heat...but forget to mention that you had a FAN!!

Ashley Mitchell said...

oh my goodness, im tired after just reading this! go buy yourself a cape! lol.

Adrien said...

You ARE super mom for three nights at the picnic. :D We went again on Sunday night but left the kids with grandma and grandpa. Still can't believe we didn't see you!

Laura said...

You know we took the kids & they did great. I was pissed at how much these rides cost. Especially that cars slide thing! Wholly hell batman 2 tickets for sliding 1x?! Complete & udder BS! I would say you earned super mom status for sure! Go momma go!

Anonymous said...

Wow definite Super Mom status weekend!! Sounds like you got quite the workout too. Pushing a double stroller, running and answering questions I hope I learn patience once Im a momma. Not sure I could handle all that. hahah

Dana @five30three said...

Supermom indeed! I am so amazed at people who have more than one child. I get worn out by my 6 month old so easily, so it makes me exhausted to think about having another baby anytime...say...in the next decade or so.

Thanks for linking up your fantastic, supermom-esque weekend with us!

Sami said...

Goodness you are one busy lady! I used to think I would go crazy if I had kids that woke me up early but my lovely puppy wakes me up at 6am on the weekends to go outside and now I don't really mind however, I can go back to sleep after and you can't haha. As usual, your kids are cuties! Thanks for linking up love :)

Kacie said...

You had super mom status in my eyes before reading this post, now you are just super woman....with a capital S!

Brandy said...

You are totally supermom!!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

You're a busy lady! And I agree, with kids that cute, you can't stay upset that they wake up early. They are adorable!!

Thanks for linking up with us :)