Friday Letters

Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Letters

holy moly it's FINALLY friday.
was it just me or did this work week draggggg on.
ayi yi yi.
but alas it's friday.
AND we are having a BBQ at work today.
just another reason why i freaking love my job.
speaking of jobs i think we should totally have a link up called, 'what i do for a living."
or something a lot more catchy-ier than that.
there's a lot of people that i'd really like to know what they do.
wana know what i do?
of course you do!
i work for a general contractor.  i work in the retail sector.
we build and remodel, well retail stores, duh.
some of our biggest clients include Target, JCPenney, Cabelas, Macys, Saks 5th Ave., etc.
cool huh?
now if i could just get some gift cards to come with drawing revisions.....
anyways, on to friday letters.

dear ecards, damn you are funny.  i just laugh and laugh.
dear swimming gods, we have plans tomorrow to swim with some other kiddies.  let's have a come to jesus with my daughter that she will one, put on her swim suit, two, not poop in the pool (why is that my biggest kid fear ever??), and three actually WANT to get in the pool.
anything you can do to make this an smooth day would be greatly appreciated.
dear ashley, you crack me up.  thank you for giving my abs a good work out last night.  i am still laughing at some of your stories today.  and katie, your e-mail did not help.  i keep reading and re-reading it and laughing everytime.
dear desk, if you could show me that you actually do have a top, that would be great.  i feel like i haven't see you all week.
dear veronica, HAPPY SWEET 16!!
i finally got the day right.  ha - sorry again about that, still blaming lacie.
i can't believe you can drive.  no freaking way!!
i remember when you were this big:
have a great birthday lady - we love you!!
have a good weekend.
we are excited for the picnic!


Sami said...

That e-card? I die, it's so funny! You don't want to know what I do for a living. It's SO boring.

The Independent Spinster said...

I agree with the job link up! I have a vision of most of my blogger friends sitting at home during the day in their pajamas with their laptops and coffee on the patio. Pretty sure that's not what happens.

Ashley Mitchell said...

That email made my day! So funny!

And seriously... a BBQ at work!? How fun!

Katie said...

I like the link up idea.

Ashley Im glad Im not the only one that thought those things about troll. hahah too funny!

Cait said...

haha omg love the e-card! super cute blog by the way!