Weekend Wrrap Up

Monday, May 21, 2012

Weekend Wrrap Up

most of my friday consisted of this:
oh my my my my.....!!
the peach kind - not my fav.
kinda disappointing.
i may have drank the whole pina colada one myself.
i enjoyed a half day, some girl time, some jeep time, and some carefree time.
happy momma.
k&b came over bearing tequila's to go and we enjoyed creating a small crime scene in the driveway.
ha - we traced every one's bodies.  stella thought it was hilarious!!
now it needs to rain - bad - because people are starring at our driveway all the time.
saturday we had visitors, took naps and cooked.
nice easy and relaxing.
sunday i worked at ck for the first time in forever.
once i got home we chilled and then headed to target.
papa and lacie came over later bearing MORE tequila's to go.
ha - we have a slight obsession.
then we headed for a walk and ice cream at nanas.
henry has been quite the standing fool lately.
maybe it's the jammies but he looks SO big here.
unfortunately i took zero pictures of stella this weekend.
homegirl needs a haircut like something fierce - for real.
lara - please email or text me - i think we need to set something up.
and i pray you cut little kids hair.
as long as you have suckers.
if not i will come fully equipped with bags of tootsie rolls.
anyways - that was it for a our weekend!
happy monday!



Adrien said...

Aw, Henry really does look so big! He's losing some of his baby chub. :D

The Independent Spinster said...

I have a confession. I tried the Skinny Girl line this weekend...the white cranberry cosmos...I couldn't even choke down half of a glass. It tasted like rubbing alcohol.

Sami said...

So I went to the Liquor store on Friday to get some Skinny Girl but I couldn't decide what flavor to get so I'm glad I waited to hear your thoughts.. Memorial Day Weekend? Pina Colada all the way! :)

Ashley Mitchell said...

Henry is too cute!

Lara said...

We got the good stuff at The Healthy Hair Co. ;) M&M's, suckers, & stickers! I will not be working most of next week but will be back at it the first full week in June. If you text me on Wednesday or Friday we can set up an appt that way. Oh and sorry about the random phone call on Friday...thats what happens when my kid has my phone. Maybe he wanted to talk to Stella:)